I finally found a routine that works for me! So happy! *PICS*

I just tested out a new routine idea I'd been trying to perfect, and I finally got it! I'm so happy!

Low-poo, condition
Leave in conditioner
Scrunch with 2 microfiber towels over the course of 3-5 minutes
Apply a bunch of Biotera gel by scrunching in to around 50% ish dry hair.
SOTC an hour and 10-20 minutes later and it's practically dry and it's the best hairday I've had in.. well, ever! P:

(these are unflash btw, and the lighting isn't great, but it works!)


back (mirror may be a bit dirty, sorry!)

I'm really happy, because now I finally found a routine that makes my hair look better than anything else I've tried, is easy and best of all, dries in only around an hour or so!! My hair used to dry in around 3 hours without my towels. (: But before this, they always guaranteed a crappy hair day.

Sorry, I'm just so happy! I hope it's consistent and not a one time thing!
curly hair and proud (:

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Yipeeeeeee!! I am so happy for you . That would be life-changing for anybody, esp a curly girlie!!
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Thanks!! It totally is! I can only hope that I can stop stressing in the morning about whether my hair will dry in time for school. Yay.
curly hair and proud (:

Looks great!
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wonderful!! Looks soooooo pretty.
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Thank you! (:

I love all of your hair too btw. Curly hair is just sooo gorgeous on this site.
curly hair and proud (:

Yay for you! This is a gorgeous look and is seems we have similar hair, so I am excited to try your method. Good luck!!
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*I scrunch out the water with a microfiber towel, then scrunch in my gel. I plop for an hour or so and then let air dry. I SOTC with my HG, JC Nourish and Shine. Love that stuff!*
Oh wow your hair looks fantastic!
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Looks awesome! I too have been experimenting with putting product on "towel dried" hair. It does seem to save a lot of drying time.

You have great hair, btw, not too far off my hair type, so hopefully I can get a similar result.

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Looks wonderful! I'm so happy for you, having just recently found my routine I understand the thrill of finding something that works more than once!
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I may have to try that. I'm tired of the 4-6 hour drying time. But, how can you tell when you're 50% dry? Do you alternate the microfiber towels or just use one til saturated and then move to the next one? Oh, and how was your frizz level with that? It looks pretty good, but pictures hide things like frizz sometimes.

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Wow! Gorgeous curly hair and a beautiful smile - you are adorable!!! Glad you found such a simple routine that works for you. I'm so happy for you! Yaaaaaaay!!!!
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Aw, thanks so much everyone! (: I wasn't expecting all of this, I was just spazzing out and had to make a post!

Plunkybug- I honestly suck at estimates with drying times, so I sort of just decided it might be around that. But this might be more helpful: I scrunched until no more water was really coming off onto the towel and when my hair felt sort of dry, but still had that damp look and was holding some water in, somehow. Then I applied the gel.

For the towels I pretty much just grab one of the towels and take a section of it and begin scrunching, then move on to another piece of the towel when that is thoroughly wet. I continue that on the first towel until it is too hard to grip a non-wet spot. By then my hair is practically at the right amount of dryness, but I flip upside down to get the water underneath better.

I would actually say that my frizz level really wasn't that bad at all! I didn't even notice any bad frizz spots. There might have been a couple fly away hairs, but not as much frizz as I used to get.
curly hair and proud (:

You are the cutest thing, and your hair looks AMAZING!!
wooo! Devin your hair looks great! ;D
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xodevin -

Question for you - when you put in the gel and scrunch, are you scrunching with your bare hands, or are you still using the microfiber towel?
Hair Type - wavy/curly, fine texture, thin/medium density
I use my bare hands, because I find that the towels I use tend to soak up the product if I scrunch with it after (I've literally felt a film of gel on my wet towel before. It was odd!)
curly hair and proud (:

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