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Default my hair = horrible

The last few weeks my hair has been HORRIBLE. It's been so bad lately I'm actually going to straighten it tomorrow just so I don't have to deal with it for a few days!

It could be the weather but it's not really very cold yet. I'm in Central Florida. I don't know what happened. My hair is stringy, flat and kind of straight in some places, poofy and curly in others. It has been VERY frizzy and I've been through a spectrum of products and nothing can tame the frizz and undefined curls. I went and got my hair trimmed to see if that would help, I've done an ACV wash to get rid of any possible build up, deep conditioned thinking maybe it's dry - I've tried everything.

Any suggestions before I shave my head?

Mucho gracias!
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I tell ya, I will swear by Curls Rock- TIGI hair products.
It is THE BEST curly hair products out there.
A bit expensive though-you can only get it in salons.
Its already about less than 5 degrees here up in Minnesota.
My hair goes through stages every season and this stuff works like magic.
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From the description it could be protein buildup
But it could very well be that you just need to use a heavier conditoner. It's not that cold here in South Carolina either but on the dry days I swear I nearly have to use a dT just to get my hair to look normal. And my hairs not dry or damaged either.
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medusahair, I have to do the same thing. Especially today, brrrr!

I'd definetly try a dt. My next suggestion would be to use a lighter hold gel to make sure your hair isn't as weghed down. This is what I've been doing this week, as it's been getting progressively colder here in SC. My curls even held up in the strong winds yesterday. My curls have been awesome, but I don't think they would have been if I hadn't done a looong dt.
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I'd suggest a DT also. Or, I've never tried it, but hear it works great is to do a lemon rinse (condish + the juice of a lemon).
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