Props to my Fro'

I don't know what is going on but this week (and its only Tuesday ) but I have received 6 compliments on my Fro'. I got an unwanted BC 2 months ago and have been thru tons of products. I have dealt with several emotions since cutting my hair, missing my straight hair while embracing my natural hair.

It is nice to know others think my hair is cute
Unwanted BC July 21, 2010
Fine 3C/4A on crown
Oil hair 10 min, cowash HE Hydrating Condition, Leave-in KC Knot Today, CD Milk-Curly Definer, MJ Quick Curl
Yay! Your hair is probably long enough after 2 months to show off those beautiful curls.
Hair type: normal texture, thick, wavy, low porosity, normal elasticity

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