so its offical i love my deva sun dryer

It took me a while but I think I love it... its just a matter of getting used to it.
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Yay!!!!!!!!! How do you use it? do you hold it still or put it under layers of hair?
When I got my haircut a couple weeks ago I asked them to show it to me. The girl just held it in my hair, as if you were lightly cupping some hair in your palm. It's cool because warm air can blow from both sides of "the hand". I didn't buy it yet, but it seems like it might take longer to dry your hair with the Deva Sun rather than a bowl diffuser. I will definately buy it though, once I have money.
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This has nothing to do w/ the post (sorry), but your yard is the ****E! U sure u live in NYC


This has nothing to do w/ the post (sorry), but your yard is the ****E! U sure u live in NYC

Originally Posted by juvjoy

yes I live in Nyc (staten island to be exact it is the boro of parks or something like that..
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That is just the most creative yard I've ever seen (anyone would swear it's FL or CA)! Very cool
I went by there to look at it (the dryer, not the yard). The lady at the counter didn't say anythign exceptional except that it would dry my hair more quickly than a regular diffuser. I'd remembered what Ana told Ldydncing (whose hair is a little looser than mine), that the dryer wouldn't be that much better for her (and probably me) than a regular diffuser. But I was so tempted, the idea of something that could eliminate frizz . . . y'all understand the weakness.

Anyway, fortunately (or maybe unfortunately), I brought along a friend who was absolutely opposed to spending that kind of money, and she was steady clowning me all the while: "Oh. For sure you'll get deadly pneumonia if you don't get this $185 blowdryer. For sure.)

I tried to get the girl at the counter to persuade me over and above all this subversive agitation from my friend. Again, she wasn't exactly pitching it. In fact, she wasn't even that nice. [Her hair, however, looked spectacular: big chunky curls the size of a Red Bull, each clumped up and highlighted to perfection.]

So, sigh, I was able to resist. It didn't hurt that the hairdryer was heavier than I'd imagined and thus not really suitable for travel, which was part of its appeal before I actually held it in my hand.

So anyway, I left emptyhanded but full-pocketed, walked around the corner to one of my favorite stores and promptly bought a vintage wool dress with my hairdryer money. Can we say, "shopaholic"?!?!?
I also forgot to mention something important: I used my regular hairdryer without any attachment today, just held it farther away from my head and didn't move it around much, and I am having a spectactular hair day. It ain't frizz-free, but then again, it never is frizz-free.
I find that the deva sun is not heavy compared to my other dryers (but then again I have professional dryers so they tend to be heavier than reg drug store brands and also I am finding it does dryer my hair faster.
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I just got mine. See other post...

I will use it for the first time today. We'll see how it goes.
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