Herbal Essences Hello Hydration

How do you get it to work for you? I mostly co-wash but on occasion I clarify with elucence moisture benefits shampoo. I know there's debate regarding whether the cone in HEHH builds up, but since I'm scheduled for a clarifying wash soon-ish, I decided to 'indulge' last night and use it.

I thought I was indulging because it's been AGES (4 months) since I used anything with a cone in it and I thought a little cone magic would make my hair look wonderful and shiny and frizz-free.

I was wrong!

I ended up with WAY more frizz than I've been getting for the past four months. I know HEHH is a HG for many curlies here so I'm a bit disappointed, I had high hopes for the blue goop.

Any porous curlies here who use it? Do you use it as a RO or a LI? I used it as a RO and some Jessicurl too shea as a leave in and I'm disappointed with the resulting frizz . I styled w/ FSG.
Texture: fine-medium
Porosity: high-normal
Elasticity: normal
Experimenting with making my own products. Hair loves protein.
I love it, and use it as a Rinse out with great results. If you see my signature youll get the jist of what else I do/use...

I think "reviews" are only helpful to a point.. not everything is for everyone.. everyone's hair is totally different: even with the same curl type, porousity, etc. there are still external and internal factors to be considered. At least you had a "fail" with the cheap stuff!!

3a/b combo fine dry hair w high porosity, normal elasticity & a TON of it!!
*Overcoming a Brazilian Blowout!
Cleanser: KC Come Clean (once every week or so)
Cowash:Suave Coconut Conditioner
Condish: HEHH/KCKD
Style: AG re:coil/LOOB/HETT
Treatments: Spiral Solutions-Strength & Shine Leave-In Protein Spray, Repairing Protein Tx & Deeply Decadent Moisturizing Tx, Honeygar Rinses!!!
Oils: Castor & Olive

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