AdviceNeeded: Help, un-uniform curl pattern + styling options

Hello All,

(I've really been appreciating my curls since I've gone natural-- it's been a long process to come to this point but it was worth going through)

Forgive me if similar problems this has been posted already, But I feel that I need more than one thing answered; I originally posted this in the incorrect forum, I don't know where to put these specific problems at once.

long story short: I've been relaxing & texturizing my hair since I was a little girl up until about a year & a half ago; I transitioned, then finally 'BC'ed. For now, I am waiting for some more length to come in & it's surprisingly growing in pretty quickly. However, I'm having difficulty with multiple textures in my hair; somewhat defined curls, some extremely defined curls, & loose frizzy straw-like waves/straightISH hair everywhere in between the curls (mojority of it is on my crown). The length is also frustrating, i just want to be able to put it in a ponytail at least-- I've been doing a flat side twist in the front for the longest time 'cause my bangs are so short compared to everything else (some styling options, please?) I've always seen my hair as a combo between 3c & 4a, what do you think?
(yeah, excuse the fact that i'm not wearing makeup tonight) anyways, it's obviously a strange shape overall on my head haha, but I guess I'm clueless as to how I even want to get it done when more length comes in; I guess I need help deciding (?)

My crown difference, it just looks so drastic: (should I be looking to define the crown? i'm clueless)

So yeah, basically I need advice at this point of my natural hair progression. I'm pretty shy about asking but ANY help would be truly appreciated.

ps: been loving Cantu Shea Butter, it feels so nice when I put it in my hair (other products like that?). I've rarely been putting styling products in my hair since I've chopped the ends but I find that Garnier Fructis CREAM-GEL works good as well as AG Recoil. I am still searching for the perfect deep conditioner (which i do pretty often; suggestions on that as well would be a GREAT help!)

Thanks for reading
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Hi escaz - I dont have the same hair type as you (much as I would love it) but what you could try is using different products on different parts of your hair - at the top part that you thing is the sort of frizziest part, add more conditioner and leave some in before you add any other products. On the more defined areas just add whatever product you are adding there. I love the volume you have in your hair and I think it more a case of using products a bit differently for the different areas of you hair - well that's what I'd try - hope it gives you some ideas.
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I will most definitely try that tomorrow morning, thanks curlyhairmichuk =), & thank you for the kind words!
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Did you use a lot of heat while transitioning? I think that might be a possibility for the crown being less defined.

Also, do you know your porosity? That may help with people being able to recommend some products for moisturizing and defining your hair.
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