Combing out dry hair?

I have frizzy canopy hair and corkscrew curly hair underneath. I know it is a CG rule that you should NEVER comb out your hair when dry, but the problem I have is that as my hair dries the top frizzes out and the bottom layers curl up into spirals. The result is a big messy mix of curl and frizz that I can't stand, and that develops intense knots during the day. I don't even bother with gel since nothing controls my curls, I just use a leavin conditioner.

Last month I decided to carefully comb it out with a wide-tooth comb when it was dry just to see what it looked like. I really liked the results, the hair seems more blended and more controlled, with big waves and some curls at the end. It also seems softer and fluffier. I've been doing this every day since then, and I've had a lot fewer knots and problems with tangles at the end of the day. I comb it very carefully and very slowly, trying not to tug on the ends.

But I'm worried I'll damage it long-term, and I'm wondering if anyone else combs out their hair when it's dry? Any advice?
I think that you're not supposed to comb dry because it disturbs the curls; Lorraine isn't really a proponent of the puffed out look (for instance, I think if Tracee Ellis Ross went to Devachan, she'd come home with a lot less body and more individualized curls that Lorraine seems to like, rather than her fluffier freer-formed style). I don't know that combing is necessarily damaging, particularly as carefully as you're doing it. I think people stay away from it because it combs the curls out and can make the hair look fuller, in a less-defined way.

I like the full body look though, myself, so I could easily see why you would do that.

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