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Hi Curlies,

I used LALSG for the first time on Sunday and the results were GREAT. Unfortunately, the stuff didn't seem to wash out of my hair with just co-wash, and by Friday my hair was producty, weighed down, tangly, and just plain blah.

Anyone else have this problem? Did I just use too much?

Also, the bottle I was using was 3 years old (my bad...didn't realize it until too late). Do you think I'd have the same results with a new bottle? Because Day 1 with this gel was really awesome and I don't want to give up on it.

I have that problem with this gel, too. Actually, it makes my hair producty, greasy, stringy, and blah looking from day 1! I don't think it would make a difference if you got a new bottle. I don't think they reformulated it recently or anything. I think the trick is just to not use too much of it. I like using it on third day hair when I scrunch water into it to get it damp and scrunch in some condish and a teeny bit of gel and diffuse. I would try not using too much on 1st day hair, but, in all honesty, I am very heavy-handed with my products (I have coarse and super thick hair!), and I can't force myself to just use a minute amount of it to see if it will come out right! I'm using it up a little at a time. Plus, it has protein in it, and protein really doesn't get along well with my hair.
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Does the gel look spoiled in any way?

I have been using LALSG for months now, and I have never had that problem. It rinses out with just water for me.

Are you using anything as a leave in? That might be reacting with it.
The gel didn't look spoiled, though it did smell strongly of cinnamon (I've used other LAL gels and haven't noticed that before, so, uh, maybe that wasn't a good sign).

My hair is still recovering from the week with the LALSG. It was flat and undefined today. I'm going to use a low-poo again tonight and try the gel again with a very small amount. I have a feeling I just overdid it. I have a tendency toward product over-use.

I had assumed that if it was CG-friendly you could go wild without consequence, and I'm thinking that was wrong.
Uhhh, it should definitely not smell like cinnamon! Mine smells like fake blueberries.
Good to know!! I got a new bottle. Hopefully this one won't kill my hair.

Note to everyone: DO NOT USE 3-year-old LALSG. Not good not good not good.

Using my new, normal-smelling bottle and about 1/6 of the amount I'd used before, I got my normal-feeling hair (as in not sticky, greasy, or tangly) but a bit too fluffy. I'll up the amount a little tonight and see if I can reach the presto quantity.

I wish I knew if it was the ancient bottle or the massive quantity that caused all of my woes. Oh curly hair... certainly makes life more interesting.

I've been using a new bottle of LALSG since the week o' disastrous medieval bottle, and it was definitely the fact that the gel was old that was causing problems. I've been applying my usual quantities since then with no trouble at all.

So, please note: LALSG doesn't wash out when it's too old.

Learn from my accidental experiment.
I use LALSG and never had a problem rinsing out, so I will keep this in mind. Of course, I go thru a bottle of gel in about 3 weeks so I won't have to worry!

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I use LALSG and never had a problem rinsing out, so I will keep this in mind. Of course, I go thru a bottle of gel in about 3 weeks so I won't have to worry!
Originally Posted by Marci Pie
No way! I've had my huge bottle for about 6 months now. But then again, I don't use it daily and my hair is short.

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