Multiple hair types - what to do?

I never know how to pick a hair type because I have at least 4 of the types listed. I have tight, pencil-diameter ringlets; loose shiny S-curves; a few irritatingly straight (relatively speaking) hunks; some frizz; and some perfect, larger diameter ringlets. And this diversity is only with a lot of product (Ouidad Climate Control) to define these various types. If I use no product (which I would only do if I wanted to be a freak for a day), my hair would just be big and frizzy, with possibly some of the tighter ringlets underneath. So why, oh why, do all curly experts ask you to choose a type when many of us have such a combination? And no, there is not one dominant type - it's all over the board and changes on a daily basis!
I feel your pain - I have the same thing. The top layers of my hair want to wave/frizz; the bottom layers (which are hidden, of course) want to spiral in cute ringlets, and then I have these random hairs all over my head that do neither - some are teeny, tiny little corkscrews, like type 4 hair, and some are just straight or have weird bends in them. I was complaining about this very issue to my stylist yesterday when I went for a haircut.

I think the solution is two-fold; one, get a great haircut that will help everything to blend. My stylist shortened my top layers so that they don't hide the curls underneath anymore (side bonus - that hair on top actually is curling a little better without all the weight dragging it down) and I am a much happier camper today because of it.

The second solution is to forget about hair type and worry about hair properties so that you can get your hair, whatever its curl pattern, into the best condition possible. Start by reading this page on the Live Curly, Live Free website:

Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics

It will help you to determine you hair's texture, porosity, and elasticity. If you can't figure it out yourself, you can send off samples for them to analyze for you. Once you are armed with this knowledge, you will know what ingredients to give your hair and what ingredients to stay away from - and all of your hair will become healthier and probably curl more predictably.

Good luck!
Sulfate/non-water-soluble silicone free since 8/16/10
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