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I've had my curls long most of my life (from a few inches past the bra line to around the bra line). I'm always wanting to do something new -stylewise- and I'm so jealous of all my straight hair friends who can do all these different style with their hair and I can't do as much bc of the curls. I'm thinking of cutting mine shoulder length or shorter but afraid I won't look as good.

Anyone have short curls? Can you post pics?

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My hair is mostly 3A and it is about shoulder length right now (pics in album). The shorter I go the less curly it is. You might want to go a little at a time so you don't lose too much curl.

I get jealous too's hard to be versatile with the same cut all the time.
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I am scheduled to get my hair, which is down past my waist and full of curl, cut in 2 weeks. I am going to send it to locks of love, hopeful to feel liberated and not regretful. People always make a fuss about my hair and how they wished they had it, but I need a change and am a bit nervous. I am in FL too so it does get warm and ends up twisted up on my head anyway.
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Mine is about shoulder length, and you're welcome to look at my Fotki album. I've almost always had my hair this length or shorter, so now I'm trying to grow mine out to BSL.
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Personally I like my hair better long but after awhile(long while), I get bored with it then want to cut it short. But when its short or the in-between length, I hate it and want it to be long again! My hair is around shoulder length now. here's my album
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My hair was to my bra strap and then I cut it all off, to about my chin (donated it to Locs of Love)...I have some pics here, I dont know how good they are but I am growing it back out now, it seems that there were alot more options with long hair. I enjoyed having it short but I think I would rather have it long again, but Im enjoying this new length, its right at my shoulders now. I figure...if you have longhair and want it short, cut it When you get bored with it, grow it out. No harm no foul.
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