Help? :[

Hi! I'm new to your site and I need a little bit of help here. :[

First off- I'm a guy. I know its unusual for a man to be here, but I've seen how beautiful natural hair is on a lot of women and couldn't help but wonder why more guys don't embrace their hair instead of chopping it off. While a lot of men do look better with close cuts [I'll admit, I consider myself one of them and was really apprehensive about starting this "hair journey" for some reason], I've been rocking a fade for 20 years of my life. I'm sick of it. I want a change. I'm ready to meet my hair for the first time ever.

So I've decided to grow my own hair out.

But I don't know my curl pattern =/ This is where I'm hoping some of you ladies might be able to help me out here. I've taken some pictures of my hair [naturally of course. Nothing done to it except a comb] and if someone could sort of shove me in the right direction I'd appreciate it :]

There's some pictures at the bottom. As far as characteristics go, my hair is VERY soft, a fine-toothed comb always glides right through it with no problem, I can freely run my fingers in it, and it grows in a "?"-question mark-type of wavy/loose corkscrew pattern.
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I would say you have kinky hair or "type 4" !
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