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Default Starting to freak a little

Hi curlies! I've got an issue that every woman has to deal with at some point in their life but no one wants to admit that it does happen. Especially to a 22 year old!!! I seem to have this one tiny spot on my scalp that is growing white hair. Not gray, but pure white. With dark brown hair this becomes very noticeable. I usually will see a few strands of white hair creeping in when they're about an inch long. I've been plucking them out when I see them.

I'm beginning to freak out that I'm going to end up like my mom who went gray very early. She was having to use a rinse when she was only 28 to cover grays. I don't want to start having to color my hair because I like my natural color and don't want the upkeep and damage that come with colored hair. Any suggestions? So far it's just the one spot but every time it seems like more strands are there. It started with just 1 a couple years ago but last week I had to pull out 4. I'm too young to have gray hair!!!!
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