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Default Curly hair with straight ends.

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone else had the same type of hair as me. My hair is a mixture of type 3a and 3b curls but only in the middle. My roots are wavy with a little curl and my ends are straight as a stick. I have attached a picture of my weird curly hair too!
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Curly hair with straight ends.-my-weird-curly-hair.jpg  
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thats crazy! mine looks similar, not as curly in the middle tho, after growing out a chemical straightener...why not chop the straight ends off?
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Did you have a relaxer put in your hair and it's growing out? If that's the case, you'll need to cut off the relaxed hair before your hair will curl properly. It's the only way your hair will start looking and feeling good doing the CG method...
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Well I've never had a chemical straightener. I cut my hair short about 1 and a half years ago and wore it straight, using a flat iron, everyday for about 2 months. Than just wore it curly. This year I've straightened my hair twice. I'm fairly new to this website so I will have to research the CG cutting method! Thanks for replying ladies!
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Well the reason for the ends not curling is because of heat damage, you mentioned using a flat iron every day for 2 months . . that'll do it. You can always just chop the straight portion and your hair should curl uniformly after that.
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I have the same issue. My roots are 3a/b and ends are 2's! I damaged ends from using very hot flat iron. It's gotten better since I stopped straightening, had ends trimmed (about 1 inch) and just today I did protein treatment and surprisingly my ends are curly not wavy! Give it time and TLC. This seems to be a very common issue for us former "in the closet" curlies!
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Default I had the same issue

I had the same issue with straight ends. I now do a twistout and put a small curler at the end and let dry. Over time my ends remembered how to curl and did it on its own.
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