Jessicurl vs Devacurl

I very recently bought a sample HCC and 12 oz. Too Shea and LOVE LOVE LOVE the way my hair looks and feels. I can't believe what a difference there is! BUT, I don't think I'm going to like (or be able to afford) paying S&H each time I need more. I can travel 45 minutes to buy Deva products. My question....are Deva products similar to Jessicurl or are they completely different? Thanks for the help.
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They're different but good products. The no poo is my hair washing staple. If you follow it with OneC (the condish) you'll get soft hair and I like the hair stylers of DevaCurl sososooooo much better.
Now Tooshea is kind of a unique conditioner from all that I've used. You can find one local that's close though called Kenra Moisturizing conditioner. I saw it at Trade Secret and some salons carry it too.
Personally I do well on DevaCurl but you won't know until you try. Just ask about the return policy if you want to try them and if you don't like them be sure to return them.
If nothing else on the swap board there is always someone that will take them off your hands!
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I think I can get Kenra conditioner at my local mall! I'm so excited about this!!! I also think I will try the Deva products, just to see. Thanks so much, medusahair. are pretty much my idol on this site. I love your posts and your hair!
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
I love both lines, but use more from the Devacurl line. My favorites from Jessicurl are Too Shea and WDT, the stylers don't work for me too well. From Devacurl my favorites are One C (all-time favorite condish), No-Poo, Set It Free, sometimes Low-Poo, and sometimes Angell in the warmer months.
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Now I'm DEFINATELY going to buy the DevaCurl products! I'm very convinced.
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
Awww KristaRose that's so sweet thank you!

Yeah lush is the one that got me started on devacurl, her pics of her hair when she used it convinced me.

How great is it that you can get it local? I have about an hour to drive to devacurl and kenra stuff but man it's nice to skip that shipping isn't it? Happy hair experimenting!
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
I hate to be the party pooper, but I'm really not a huge fan of anything Deva. The only thing I sometimes use is Set it Free, but even that is rare. The Deva gels did not work for me at all (major hair disaster). DevaCurl OneC is ok in my opinion, but nothing special. I get better slip and detangling from Elucence Moisture Balancing conditioner, which is a lot cheaper. For some reason, my hair eats OneC, and it takes me more than a palmful to get the seaweedy feel that I need to detangle. It's very odd, but my hair doesn't do that with any other conditioner, so I'm not sure what gives. Of course, lots of people love the products, so they may very well work great for you.

I love Jessicurl conditioners, and the WDT is a lifesaver if you have dry or damaged hair. I wasn't crazy about any of her stylers.
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They are both great product lines. I lean more towards Jessicurl, since I really love their conditioners. (And the Island Fantasy fragrance.) I use Gelebration spray under my regular stylers to enhance curl.

I think Low-Poo is a great non-sulfate shampoo, but I've pretty much stopped shampooing. Angell doesn't have enough hold for me. Arc Angell is good, but I have to use so much of it that it's not cost-effective. I use SIF sometimes in the summer, but my summer styler (HE Set Me Up) has very good frizz resistance anyway, so I don't really need SIF any more.

I do bring Low-Poo and One C with me to the salon when I get highlights. One C is a terrific detangler, which I always need when they are taking the foils out.
I've only tried the Jessicurl and Deva conditioners. I like Jessicurl a lot better. I don't have to use as much and the moisture is just right for me. I got overconditioned with the Devacurl. The smell of Jessicurl is a lot better too in my opinion, but I like the consistancy of One C better than Too Shea and Aloeba.
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I'm in love with Jessicurl. I was not at all impressed with Deva products. The conditioner was way too oily, the products left me feeling a little gummy at times, and the entire line made my face break out.

Did I mention that I'm IN LOVE with Jessicurl products? I can't suggest anything for stylers b/c I'm wearing my hair straight, but as for shampoo and conditioner, I couldn't be happier.

What about if you bought the larger sized bottles? Then you wouldn't have to order as often. I already warned hubby that in another couple of weeks I was ordering the big bottles of Jessicurl
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And I love both!
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I am w/ Babywavy & LOVE LOVE LOVE Jessicurl When I first started on cg I used the deva stuff. It would be interesting to see how it works now that I've got all the "curly hair tricks" down pat But I have been so happy using all Jessicurl that I'm afraid to try anything else.

"If it aint broke, don't fix it" A lot of people seem to not like her stylers, saying there's not enough hold, but I have A LOT of hair & am in love w/ Rockin ringlets. I use a little Suave hairspray at the end of my routine but I don't HAVE to, ya know?

Anyway, good luck!
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Does the Suave hairspray help hold the curls all day? With the colder, drier weather in NJ, the Jessicurl styling products aren't working as well for me now The curls are coming out sooner.

I like RR but as you can see in my siggy, I use it under HE SMU gel and over a leave in.
3B, I think w/very thick hair, shoulder length. Fall hair: Low Poo, TS, CK, Aloeba leave in, recoil or RR, plop, BRHG or SMU, no blow dry.
Im with alot of others, I love Too Shea and WDT. OneC is okay, but my hair is so dry right now that WDT is one of the only things that helps.
Super Thick corkscrews and waves. LOVE Elucence MBC, Giovanni 50/50 condish, Qhemet Products, V05 Calming Chamomile Tea Therapy condish, Jessicurl WDT. These are my official HG's that I love oh so much

I love both lines and I use primarily Deva No Poo and One C and Angell in the summer and then in the winter I switch over to Jessicurl HCC and Too Shea. I also use Jessicurl WDT all year. Love that stuff!!
2b/3a, primarily use Jessicurl and DevaCurl products, Curls Hair Tea conditioner and various gels. I'm modified CG-ish since 5/04.
I absolutely love both lines, and I've figured out a way to get them both for much cheaper.

I buy Deva products through, and their price is $24 for the 1 liter size, and they have free shipping on all orders over $25. That's a big savings, considering the liter is generally $38-$40 at salons.

Jessicurl is very expensive, I think. Their products are $12-$14 for only 8 ounces. Liters are $38. BUT...if you buy a gallon, it's "only" $100, which brings the price down to $5.50 per 8 ounce, or $25 per liter. If I purchase the gallon at a time when Jess is having a 10% off sale, then shipping is basically free.

I realize most people can't buy a gallon of a product at a time (I bought THREE gallons last month ), but if you have someone near you that you can split the purchase with, it might work out for you.

Either way, you can't go wrong with either line. They're both at the top of my list.
A lot of people seem to not like her stylers, saying there's not enough hold, but I have A LOT of hair & am in love w/ Rockin ringlets. I use a little Suave hairspray at the end of my routine but I don't HAVE to, ya know?

Rockin Ringlets leaves my hair feeling to product-y, but Confident Coils is THE BOMB for me for styling. It holds my curls all day, and sometimes even the second day (a big milestone for me).
Redcatwaves-I read your post with interest because I do the same with deva products. A cheaper thing whichis over now though, was the sale of one c on ebay. A person got cases of it and I bought about 5 cases at different times. A case was $84 with shipping coming to $7 a bottle and sometimes $6 when he charged less. That was a great deal. I still have almost 2 cases left. I always look on ebay to see if he is getting some more. I hope so in the future.
I used to use jessicurl and even tried to get some salons in my neighborhood in NYC to stock them but I was unsuccessful. I loved the scent and the moisturizing qualities of too shea. I stopped using them and just use deva products, and I am happy, so I would be scared to switch and it is easier to get deva. Does jessicurl do the $5 flat shipping anymore? I always tried to order at those times too.
Hair type, thin, 3b, past my shoulders always looking for length. Use jessicurl hair cleansing cream, devacurl one c, angel, set it free, Always see a deva trained stylist for cut and Aveda Institute for color.
Does jessicurl do the $5 flat shipping anymore? I always tried to order at those times too.

Yes, she still occasionally does the $5 shipping. When I bought gallons, it worked out a few dollars cheaper to buy when she was having the 10% off rather than the $5 shipping.

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