Bought a Curl Ease towel

Just wanted to report that I spent the bucks on a Curl Ease towel. I think it works better than a microfiber towel (no frizz).
I LOVE my curl ease towels: I have two! I would never use anything else to plop my hair with. I am tempted to get the new dark brown one but it's hard to justify when I already have two. Glad to hear that you like them.

Beauty Blog :
Calamity: I NEEDED a brown one, because I color my hair, and it stains my towels. At least with a brown one, I will not mind as much. What do you do with your hair, what do you use, and what method with the curlease towel?
I have my hair routine/products listed on my blog (see link below my pictures). When I'm using the Curl Ease towel I plop my hair and leave it on for about 10 minutes, then I diffuse my hair. It makes a huge difference and helps to give my curls a bit more oomph.

Beauty Blog :
Thanks, Meagan, your hair is great. Lovely. I have resisted Curl Keeper because I dont want to get hooked on products I have to order, but maybe I can get a sample from the company..and try it. I use Biotera, but its the glaze, and I mix it with LALSG, just a dab. but first, I apply mousse. What product to you use FIRST?

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