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Default Curly pixie cuts?

Hi everyone! I'm a new member and I joined specifically to ask a few questions. I'm beyond ready to chop my hair into a pixie. I've wanted one for years. I believe my hair is 3B...VERY thick, very curly, very long. I'm pregnant and due with my first baby in May, so I will be taking a maternity leave from work and will most likely cut my hair when I'm off for a few months. I don't want a "mom hair cut" and I'm terrified of my hair turning Q-Tip like.....What are your experiences with curly pixies, specifically those of you with 3B hair? The first picture attached is me with my curls (I was at my best friend's Indian wedding)......the second is what I would love my hair to look like.... Please share some advice/honest recommendations/experiences! Thanks so much! =)
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love that pixie photo! you have beautiful curls.
here are my thoughts - it seems like your face shape can do a pixie cut well, so that is a plus. having a newborn leaves you zero time for yourself, so easier maintenance is certainly good. if you decide to grow it out, there is that awkward stage that is so difficult; however, with hair as curly as yours it might not be bad, you could find cute ways to accessorize/wear it in that stage.
maybe start going shorter -- like to just above your shoulders, then to a chin-length, then decide on whether to go for the pixie or not.
good luck with your hair and the baby! send us photos if you do cut.
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I completely agree. You definitely will look great in a pixie cut, but unless you love big startling changes, cut it in sections. Also I think a reverse bob would be very flattering, but if you didn't like it you could go to a pixie. If you decided to do the big chop all at once, please donate your gorgeous hair to a place like "Locks of Love"
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