My Curl Wants to be Set Freeeeee

Everytime I wash my hair I feel guilty cause I get outta the shower and my hair has begun to spiral by itself!! And it looks so happy ...Then I blowdry and straighten it ...its just cause school started and I dunno what to do! (Oh by the way my hair is longer and a bit of a lighter color then ne thing in my album) Its like the meaner I am to my hair the curlier it wants to be! I dunno..Encourage me please its just hard to have time for it to air dry cause of school
Routine: Wash everyday with Pantene Pro V Shampoo and Condtioner for color treated hair, Plop Upside Down for around ten minutes Take Down Then Scrunch in Curl Junkie Curl Queen Styling Gel and Redken Fresh Curls Curl Refiner. Then Diffuse upside down until almost dry.

Why not just diffuse your hair dry?
They have a warm setting and it has to be gentler than straightening.
My hair is curlier when damaged. It's frizzier and dryer but it gets real curly when the cuticle is open.
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!

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