Pluck or Dye?

I get more and more random gray hairs on the crown of my head even though I'm in my twenties, and it's not embarassing, but enough to bug me. I ususually just pluck the few out with a tweezer, but I hear theres these brushes like mascara for your hair? like at Avon or something...Can someone tell me what that's about please? Any advice would help. Thanks!
I feel you pain, I started getting a few gray/white hairs around age 14 (I'm now 23). I know I've seen paint on hair coverup at Sally's beauty supply, but it only lasts until you wet your hair next.

Personally I pull them out, even though I'm sure that's not the best solution and they just grow back gray and white.
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I have a few stray grays, but I don't really mind them. I henndigo so that pretty much handles them but before henndigo I just left them be. I'm sure once I start getting more and more, I'll continue to henndigo.
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If you continue to pluck those hairs, they may eventually stop growing in. Add that to natural hair thinning as you grow older, and there's an excellent chance you will regret that later on.

Try paying attention to people with salt and pepper hair, and see how it looks on them. (It's hard to see ourselves as other people do.) IMO greying hair with young skin can be quite striking.

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