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mamaherrera 02-22-2012 03:40 PM

Bang question please help!
I've got a new bang cut whihc I love. But a couple questions as a curly girl with bangs.
1) how do you all separate your part of your bang without combing out the curl of the rest of your hair, especially from those of you who don't comb, just scrunch after the shower???
2) What do you do with your curls while you work on your bang, so that they don't fall into the bang or get blow dryed, or paddled-brushed?? If I clip mine, it kind of leaves those curls wacky. so how do you all do it/
I"m dying to know!

Starmie 02-23-2012 12:04 AM

I can't get second day hair so, unless I'm going nowhere and can make do with a ponytail, I do my hair in the shower every day. I use a comb to separate my bangs when it's wet but I have no root curl so it doesn't really affect my curls as such and I just rake my fingers through the rest of my hair afterwards to loosen it up again. I also don't really do anything with the rest of my hair while I do my bangs as it just stays put, out of the way anyway.

mamaherrera 02-23-2012 09:14 AM

Thanks, man I thought you being a 3b, you would have root curl. I don't either, so I guess I should feel lucky for that now with a bang. Hopefully more people put out ideas as well, but thanks, I will try just raking and maybe scrunching the rest of my hair after getting that bang separated. It's so hard, because some of those long pieces of bang get hidden with the rest of my hair. I have thought of combing it all down in front of my face and see if I can find bang/not bang easier. Thanks

eamones 02-23-2012 03:08 PM

I have this problem too!

Same thing happens top me. First, i diffuse my entire head, then I separate the part that I want a bang on. then i use a big round brush and blow to the side a few times. Problem is the rest of my hair blows arou:blob7:nd and doesnt look uniform so there is this bang in fromt but it doesnt blend well. When the salon did it it looked so easy.maybe I try too hard!!

mamaherrera 02-23-2012 04:14 PM

I know what you mean with salons!! THey're great at hair, but not at teaching. I hate round brushes because they pull out and break too much hair but they're much easier to get hair straight. BUt seriously, this guy at the salon, got my bang frickin straight with just a paddle brush, didn't even need a flat iron. But for me, the paddle brush is so wide that when I" m brushing that bang, I pull in hair that's not bang and there goes those curls for the day!! I'm constantly taking long pieces out that were spiraled and then I"m brushing those poor babies. Also, my bang is now count with like a triangle part which I like for volume, but it's so hard to get the right hairs in the right place. Talk about confusion. Do we try to hard? OH YES I even cry, but after getting this beautiful bang cut, I want to show it off.

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