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Default Publix Generic Conditioning Balm

Is not CG.
It says "same as Biolage Conditioning Balm" but it has Dimethicone in it. I was confused as to why it felt so different from the real Biolage Conditioning Balm my mom used to have.

Luckily I only used it once. But it made my hair feel so gross.
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Yeah, I think getting into the habit of reading ingredients lists is just part of the naturally curly experience since so many have a particular ingredient their hair just doesn't do well with. I know a couple of times I've gotten bit from not reading the ingredients.
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I'm not familiar with the Generix line but you could try the Biolage hydratherapie aqua-immersion Creme masque. It doesn't contain cones and it's very moisturizing. I use it as a DT and my hair loves it.
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