Moisturizer for my 3 yr old curly boy

My son has been complaining that his hair itches a lot I wash with either dove or trader joes shampoo and put shea moisture curl smoothie (I think that's the one it has the orange label) and he is always scratching his scalp. I have always had a dry scalp too but I don't know what to do for him. He is a mixed race child and has tight curls I need some recommendations for a shampoo and a moisturizer that's good or dry scalp and a child. Please help me and my lil man.
He might be allergic to these products.


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it does sound like an allergic reaction. maybe go back to using a baby wash/shampoo that does not have sulfates, ie, burts bees baby, peter rabbit, earth's best, california baby..... check the ingredient list first. you don't want sulfates as that will dry his hair/scalp.
see how that works.
i don't know if any of these brands have a kid's conditioner, but i'd try that. and i there are brands that have products for kids -- i'd do a search on here for children's hair products, i think you'll come up with a bunch.

once you've gotten rid of the itch, then you can look at ingredients and try new products again.

if you go on the parents of curlies forum they might have better suggestions. good luck!
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I do agree it could be those products.

Also it could be a scalp issue. My daughter would complain of an itchy scalp and I took her to a few dermatologists and tried all of those prescriptions and none of them worked. I started using Trader Joes tea tree shampoo and her scalp did a 180. I was estacic that this $4 shampoo did better than the $100 Rx shampoo!

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I use Shea moisture on my kids. The black label products are probably best I use the skin care products on my son's eczema. I use the moisture retention shampoo daily & the
restorative conditioner or the thickening growth milk. I use a some sized amount of both.

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I love anything trader joes so I don't mind trying that. It's cheap and great. If that doesn't work I will try the Shea moisture black labeled one next. Speaking of trader joes they have the best taco mix and frozen Mac and cheese (Mac and cheese voted the best on yahoo). Ok now that my inner big girl is done back to the hair. I am willing to try anything to make him more comfortable so thanks for the tips ladies.
It could be the Shea Moisture products. They make my scalp itch like crazy.
I was allergic to the original Shea M leave in, so never tried the newer products that you can buy on the ground. If you're willing to try some of the "online" brands, they have products for children. I like the KC Tiny Twists Moisturizing Styler more than KCCC. The CURLS Curly Q products are the same ingredients, in the same order as the adult products for 25% less.
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