I have knots in my hair!

These aren't clumps of hair getting snarled or tangled up. I'm getting knots in individual strands of hair. What the heck is going on? How are my strands tying themselves up?

When I find them, I pretty much have to clip them out.

I only brush my hair when it's wet with conditioner. Use a silk scarf for sleeping in or on.

Could this be caused by scrunching my hair up to encourage curl? Or is my fleece winter hat a more likely culprit? I've been trying to minimize the hat friction as much as possible.

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I get these sometimes too, but I have no idea how they get like that. I bet you're right about the scrunching though.
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Hi Castella,

I hear you loud and clear and feel your pain! I have "Knots" too, which, after closer inspection I found to be, in reality, a form of "split Ends".

I began to notice them after the first year of going curly. I have posted here before on this topic but don't recall getting a definitive cause from anyone.

I just did a "search and destroy" mission last night. I do it monthly between regularly scheduled trims.

I would love to know what I am doing to casue them, especially since I am more gentle with my hair now that it is natural - than I ever was when it was relaxed. When I was relaxed I hardly ever got any type of split ends. Things that make you go Hmm.


I was getting these a lot. I got a nice trim and cut off a couple of inches of split ends. My hair dresser told me I shouldn't be getting any more knots and tangles like that with the trim.
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Oh... I get those all the time, tiny little knots everywhere... in individual strands! I dont know how they get there, but they do and its really annoying--- i have 3a/b hair- if anyone finds a solution let me know....
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Split ends? NoooooOOOOOOooooo......! I've been trying so hard...I stopped coloring my hair a year ago, I clip the ends about every 4-6 months. Darn it.

I wasn't getting these during the summer. My hair was shorter then. So I'm thinking it's the winter hat, or the fact that there's maybe a grand total of 1-2 extra inches of hair that can misbehave. Or the scrunching thing, because I wasn't doing that in the summer either (get enough volume from the humidity, thanks Midwest Climate!).

Dagnabit! Now I'm trying to remember if I got these when I used silicone serums. I think I did. Huh.

I'm going to try no scrunching...and figure something out with the's supposed to go subzero next week so the hat stays, non-negotiable.
formerly Castella
(my dogs aren't snarly, my hair is)
Use a finetooth comb!
In the shower, I first detangle with a widetoothcomb, then a works for me.
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I don't think that these knots that most of us are speaking about are split ends. (I read that attachment with the ones that are described as being a hole). My knots are totally different than that. It is the actual hair strand being wrapped around itself. I get these whenever I grow my hair out. It just happens when the hair become tangled. Haven't you ever discovered one before it gets completely tightened and you can undo it? I have, however, most of the time I find them it's to late and I just have to cut them off before more of my hair strands get tangled into it.
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I have fine thin 3a/b hair, I have struggled with knots for years. I FINALLY discovered the culprit! After painstakingly separating these knots as best I could I discovered that there was a single tiny bit of LINT at the center of each knot. THE cure: A satin pillowcase and pinappling every night. These two things have drastically reduced the knots in my hair. I am so happy to have figured this out!
That is right! You are one smart cookie.
3B, Fine, Low Porosity, & High Hair Density
Wow! You are an excellent hair detective! That's brilliant!

There's no way I can eliminate lint from my life, but I'm going to be more careful. My hair's not long enough to pineapple but one day...

I never even tried to untie one of those knots.
formerly Castella
(my dogs aren't snarly, my hair is)
Do you wear wool? I get those knots at the very base of my scalp in the back, especially in the winter..i think it's because is the static that develops on wool or acrlic sweaters (kind of like those balls on sweaters that form in the dryer) two cents.
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I've learned to avoid wool! So no wool hats or sweaters for me.

I hear that sewing is coming back in vogue. So I'm patiently waiting for someone to create a line of hats that is perfect for curly heads. It won't be me, because my sewing skills are non-existent. So far, all the handmade hats that I've seen have been felt or wool, but at least I'm seeing these hats...a few years ago there weren't any at craft fairs. Now I'm cornering these poor hat makers and telling them exactly what kind of hat to make!
formerly Castella
(my dogs aren't snarly, my hair is)
I have been wearing a satin cap over two strand twists or braids every night AND using a silk pillowcase ever since I have been natural and I still get "knots". I can't see how the hair could actually form itself into a knot as in a knot that one has to make a loop and insert the end- Therefore I still think they are a form of split and am still trying to ascertain what casues it It seems, logically, that the cause is from within and not without the hair strand.

Again, that is *my* opnion.

Maybe that is possible, but I have actually seen my hair get tangled around itself. Just the fact of how curly it is makes this possible. Curly hair gets tangled at times, even if we do pamper it. Sometimes I have been lucky to notice it happening before the knot forms and I can fix it with something like a safety pin and straighten it out. All I can say is that those knots are a pain wherever they come from.
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Before I started CG 3 months ago, I would only get single strand knots if I didn't a trim for a few months or used a microfiber towel. I did all the stuff that makes curls not look so great: used a boatload of cones, always did the terry towel turban thing, combed products in straight down, accordianed a little & left it like that to air dry. No knots.

Since CG... holy knots batman! The new things? Scrunching, plopping & diffusing. Maybe my twisty hair gets worked into knots when I squish it into itself & blow air on it without cones?

I don't have split ends or middles... my hair looks worlds better & is better moisturized but the teeny knots are infesting my head! Nothing comes without a price... I guess the knots are a small price to pay for hair that looks good. Still want them gone though.
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Yes! I used to get knots before, but not to this extent! Since you noticed this after going CG, this might be an excellent question for the experts!

I have done these things:
Clipped 1/2-1" off the ends (my hair will NEVER get long )
Switched to a microfiber, over-sized hat + hood
Stopped scrunching

and no new knots. Most of my knots seem to occur in the middle of the strand, not close to the end or close to the root. Which is why they are so irritating, because when I clip them out, I'm losing a lot of length (yes it's just one strand, but my hair isn't thick so every one counts).
formerly Castella
(my dogs aren't snarly, my hair is)
Glad to hear your changes worked!!

Since you got results, I'm going to follow you....I'm getting a trim in a few weeks & will stop scrunching/plopping-- maybe it'll help.
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Well, as of yesterday the knots are back. About 3" up the strand of hair.

So I give up. Maybe it's the on-off action of the winter hat.
formerly Castella
(my dogs aren't snarly, my hair is)
I feel your pain, that's where mine are too. I stopped all scrunching/plopping & they still appeared. I went back because my hair looked stupid without scrunching.

I think knots are just part of curliness in dry weather. I'm telling myself that once the humid weather hits, they'll stop forming & I'll be able to obsess about something else.
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