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Default Why Lush put SLS in their conditioners

The SLS is like the 3rd ingredient. What's the purpose of this? :/

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3B/3C Recovering from heat damaged :/... almost like transitioning because most of my hair is straight it won't curl, thsi is due to sooo many years of using heat without stoping.

Braid out and twist out are my staple styles right now! Not using heat since December 2011. Still experimenting with products!
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None that I can see! This topic has come up before on here but I don't think anyone has come up with a reason for it. Shame really as some of their conditioners look pretty good otherwise.
3b in South Australia.
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I work for the company, and the official line is 'To help wash the conditioners out to prevent build up'
Which is, to my mind, utter nonsense.

They recenetly released a 'gentle' shampoo for people with dry or coloured hair, but the only difference is they've subsituted ALS for the usual SLS - it's still sulfites, people!

I find it so frustrating that so few of their products are GC freindly!
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I'm not totally CG (i tried to co wash once and absolutely hated it, so I just cut out cones) so I still use Lush's shampoos and conditioners. I'm not sure how different their SLS is compared (sometimes it's listed cetearyl alcohol & SLS) to others but it seems less harsh. As long as I don't use them twice in a row or a day apart, I do fine (I alternate with Burt's Bees). Although they FINALLY have a SLS free conditioner AND it's solid! It's called Big and I am in love with it. I didn't like the new gentle, non-stripping shampoo at all. I did like Fair Trade Honey shampoo, it's 50% honey which makes it really moisturizing and humectant.
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