Removing Keratin Treatment from hair

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I know that people have posted about this before but I wanted to see if there were any updates...

I had my last treatment 4 months ago and then decided that I no longer wanted to do this. I just want my own hair. The hair is really starting to blend in, but...

I have about three inches of nearly straight hair (I am a 3B) that is right below my new growth. After that, there are several inches of hair that's been treated but has reverted back. It's really odd because there's a random straight patch in the middle of curls...and there's only so much I'm willing to cut off at once.

What strategies have you used to:
a) remove the treatment from your hair?
b) blend the textures better?
c) encourage curl in the overly treated portions?

So I finally found an answer to removing the Keratin from my hair after 2 months of battling with it. I dyed my hair brown a few weeks ago but it turned out more black than brown and was way to dark for me. I went to our local Priceline pharmacy and I bought Jo Baz hair colour remover (the extra strength one) it completely removed the keratin from my hair and I mean completely. I bought organix bio ten and collagen shampoo and conditioner a few days later and haven't looked back. My curls are nearly back to normal after 2 weeks of washing second daily! Happy!!!!!! :-)
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