Need help getting rid of frizz (2C hair)

my hair is naturally thick and curly. I love having curly hair, but hate the frizz. I've been trying to get rid of it but so far seem to be failing. I have tried leave in conditioner (makes frizz wiry), leaving in regular conditioner ((still frizzy), letting it airdry (still frizzy), blowdrying it (still frizzy), and frizz calming products (add nice luster, but still frizzy )

It is pretty much fine from the front, but really frizzy in the back. If anyone has ideas of what I can do, please let me know! Thanks!

There's not enough information to really determine what might be the problem.

Do you use products that contain ingredients with -cones??? The cones might be causing this issue.

Perhaps you can do a sulfate wash to reset or clarify your hair. Then go back to cowashing.

it might also be effects of using heat tools. Take 2 months off heat tools and just focus on moisturizing conditioning and natural oils.

Another problem is if you have protein in your conditioner(s). Use NON protein conditioners for about a month. Be careful to not use any conditioners that are for split ends as those contain protein too.

Just a guy with long curly hair
Also, with the hot days coming out make sure to limit the sun exposure on your hair. That can be extremely damaging.

Just a guy with long curly hair

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