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Default What to do with my hair for student photo?? (after orientation night!!)

Hi! I'm going to college next fall and I have to attend an overnight orientation program. After spending the night, we have to take our student id pictures!! Now, I don't get the best 2nd day hair, and my college is near the beach so the humidity will be a factor too. Does anyone have an idea what i can do with my hair so it looks good in the photo the next day? Like maybe some cute updos or such? Thanks for the help!! =)
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Hey, I'm probably going to have to do an overnight orientation for the university I plan to enroll in as well

I dunno if this works for you, but I plan on doing a twist out method. I'll come on the first day with a lot of twists (or braids) in my hair, and have some curly bangs in front to compliment my face. I'll pin up the twists or tie them together in a scrunchie. That night, I'll wrap my hair around a satin hair wrap. The next day, I'll untwist my hair to let my curls come out. I might fix up my bangs for maintenance.

I've gotten compliments on how nice my hair looks, even when it's still twisted together.

OR You could try some type of French braid then wrapping your hair around a satin hair wrap to minimize the frizz for the next morning. I've always noticed how well put together twists/braids look even after the first day.

Have fun at your orientation!

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I'm a junior at university and I remember my orientation! haha, you'll have a great time!

Anyway, about your question. Have you ever tried spiral curlers? They're like bendable, spongey rods that you wrap your hair around like a curling wand. I absolutely love them for second day hair or anything, actually, haha! I have multiple brands, but I know Conair makes them and there might be some at your local Ulta. They are so easy to use and although I don't like sleeping in them overnight, that is their main use. Some days, I've gotten better curls with these than on freshly washed and styled hair!

Also, for your picture, don't wear a white shirt if you are pale. I wore one and the flash totally lightened everything and made my face look ghostly white!
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