hair feels coated/dull

I am new to the CG routine and have stopped using anything with cones (I misread a few labels and discovered the new co-wash onditioners I was using had cones in them after all), but even though I have used a clarifying shampoo to finally get the cones out - I continue to feel like my hair is coated and dull. I am co-washing with Suave Naturals Coconut, using a L'Oreal Silicone free conditioner and then using KCKT or Yes To Carrots leave-in - and a little non-cone/alcohol-free gel - so why does my hair feel so coated and sticky?

Is it possible that my clarifying sulfate shampoo was not enough? Is it possble that I am using too much conditioner/or not rinsing it out enough (I am trying hard to leave some in - even though I hate the greasy way it makes my skin feel when conditioner water drips on my face and shoulders after a shower). I want to avoid using shampoo, and I want to condition enough, but I hate feeling like there is so much gunk in my hair.

What am I doing wrong?
It definitely could be that you're using too much conditioner. It could also be that one of the products doesn't agree with your hair.

Have you determined your hair properties (texture, porosity, etc) yet? These can have a huge impact on what products will work for you.

Also, make sure that you're massaging your scalp really well when you co-wash. I also found that continuing to massage my scalp as I'm rinsing the co-wash out helps keep things feeling non-gunky.

You might also want to try rotating in a low-poo (sulfate-free shampoo). There are a lot of people who cannot co-wash exclusively, so they use low-poo occasionally or regularly.

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+1 to everything Corinna said. lol

If you don't know your hair properties, you can read about how to find them here. Some hair wants protein without moisture, other hair moisture without protein, and the in between types like a mix of both. It all has an impact on product choice and what works on your own hair.

Of the products you listed, I only regularly use Suave Coconut, so I can't speak from personal experience on the rest. However, I do remember hearing the Yes To line gives some people buildup. If you're using the Yes To Carrots leave in conditioner in the tube, I found an ingredients list online and it lists Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla Cera) Wax, which could definitely leave your hair feeling coated, depending on how much you're using, how well it's getting removed during cowashing, and how your hair is reacting to it in general.
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LOL, I have left Deva stylists with my hair feeling coated and dull. That is why I ditched their products, but I think, to get to the heart of the matter, you may be using too much product/conditioner, as others have said. Its hard to find the exact right blend of products. As I have said several times here, I do NOT co-wash, and I never will. I use a very mild shampoo - daily. My hair feels great, even the Deva stylist said so. So, I dont necessarily think it is necessary to co-wash to get good hair.

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