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Originally Posted by Ruthie11 View Post
I agree with u virginblue, completely. And another thing that drives me crazy is, the women that get on here complaining about how hard it is to control their 2a, 2b or 2c "curly" hair. It's barely wavy! I wanna say whoa, that's not curly, take my 3c-4a hair and try to manage that frizzy mess. Those girls have know idea how lucky they are. Just had to vent..Thx.
Ack...I am a 2b. I hope you aren't mad at me! lol. I understand I have many advantages being a wavy, so I try not to take that for granted. I am lucky...I hope I didn't offend.

Originally Posted by Auntie Bubbs View Post
Well, maybe to them, it is curly. It's not up to another person to decide what is curly and what isn't. Would you like someone to tell you what your hair is, or isn't? I know I wouldn't. If you're frustrated with your hair, you're frustrated, period - whether you call it wavy, curly, nappy, kinky, or straight.

I don't think calling someone out on their curl pattern and deciding if they have a right to be frustrated is exactly fair, and sounds a little bit exclusionist to me.
True, and I know there is a lot of resentment towards other curl patterns (I have experienced it myself). I've known people with straight hair that looks dreadful (at least to me!) in comparison to someone with very curly hair. There are so many factors, genetics, etc. that play into how healthy hair is.

Originally Posted by raindear View Post

Whatever our hair type, we each have our own challenges. Your challenges are just different.
I can never truly understand how it is to have a different hair type, but I agree with you totally. Sometimes I feel bad for complaining for being a 2, but I am honestly lost and insecure often. My hair is BSL right now and I recently ran across a pic of me at about 11 with chin length hair (before I used a flat iron every day) that was almost ringlety I've been thinking about cutting it and am afraid of how my curl pattern might change.
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Originally Posted by Auntie Bubbs View Post
Well, maybe to them, it is curly. It's not up to another person to decide what is curly and what isn't.

I don't think calling someone out on their curl pattern and deciding if they have a right to be frustrated is exactly fair, and sounds a little bit exclusionist to me.
And I have seen this a LOT! A curly will go into the 3c section, and another curly (Likely a 4.) will tell them "That is NOT 3c..." (But sometimes it IS!!) and they'll say it like a slam! Like "your hair is NOT that good! Get on back in the 4 section!" I'm like girl, have a damn seat! It is not that MAJOR!

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I agree with Auntie Bubbs in that each hair type has its advantages and disadvantages. While it may seem like wavies have it a lot easier than curlies, we still have our own set of issues, and the issues of one group don't discount the issues of another. I do get frustrated when I feel like someone is simply fishing for compliments and their hair is gorgeous, but I'm sure someone has looked at me when I've asked questions or lamented on a bad hair day and thought I was crazy for thinking I had bad hair. Ive also come across photos that I thought looked great, and been shocked to learn after that it's an older photo of my hair. So I guess when I run across people on here who seem like they're fishing for compliments, I either ignore the posts or say something positive and leave it at that.
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Totally interested in the thoughts on this whole post.

While I have to say I'm not a big fan of compliment-fishers, I don't always think it's the case; I think we see ourselves in a much harsher light than others might, because we don't have that perspective that they do. I know, for example, what makes ME happy for my hair to look like and what I strive for, and if I express discontent (pretty frequently, due to a weak pattern), others look at me quizzically and ask what's so wrong with it.

It's not me being like "oh please tell me I look gorgeous right now", it's asking for advice on how to make it so I don't have to complain about it

On a side note, I think too many women think they look awful and are perfectly beautiful, but we all have our own idea of what we want to look like, and maybe sometimes it can be frustrating. Definitely agree with the fact that we all struggle with our own challenges.

Good thing there's so many lovely ladies and gentlemen here to give each other support!
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