Can butters be used in place of oils???

I think that maybe oils leave my hair a little on the stringy/thin side and the shea butter I use thicken my hair up a I was wondering if butters can be used completely in place of oils for locking in moisture or if you need oils for that??? If so, could someone tell me some effective butters I can use besides just shea butter?? I think I wanna stop using oils in the day and just use them before I go to bed and just use butters during the day for moisture. Oh, and I've got 4a/b hair. Thanks.
I'm probly not the best person to answer this, but my hair is not fond of oil. I use Shea butter to seal consistently. I haven't used any others yet, but I know there is cocoa butter and mango butter too. They were right next to my Shea .
2a canopy with 2b underneath.
Fine hair, low elasticity,
Hair dislikes oil
Live in dry climate

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