I used a V05 conditioner last night with Shea protein in it and my hair is about as straight as it will go without using a flat iron. And it is FRIZZy! It's just limp :/ the only conditioner from V05 that's done anything for me is the strengthening one with collagen. Nice curl formation without any product but frizzy obviously. I can tell my hair needs protein but I'm not sure what DT to follow up with?

Also, I've tried AG recoil, and while the curl definition was great, it was so drying. Any suggestions? Tips for this product? My hair gets weighed down with leave ins.
U should prolly try curl junkie's coffe-coco curl cream lite.. It will giv u gud volume without weighing your hair down as well as the anti-frizz effect..
Hair type-3A/B fine ,dense,normal porosity..
LOW POO : SM Moisture Retention,TBS Rainforest Moisture shampoo
NO POO-DevaCurl No poo
COWASH-Suave coconut,Tressemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture,Vo5 kiwi Lime
RO -DevaCurl One Condish,Shea moisture condish,Matrix Biolage CB
LI- AO GVP protein balancing condish,SM thickening Yucca growth milk,SM Shea Butter Leave in
Stylers - SM smoothie,Aveda Flaxseed Aloe Gel,Eco Styler (Protein and Olive oil),Deva Arc Angel

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