How do you get soft curls?

I get soft curls with Rockin' Ringlets, CCSS, GW Making Waves, Totally Twisted, GF Soft Curl Cream (has a cone) and I'm sure a couple more that I'm forgetting.

I also find that if I do have some crunch that I can't scrunch out, I diffuse it out. Gets any crunch out and gives me soft curls.
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I really appreciate all the responses! I don't know what I'm going to do with all these products recs! I can feel my PJ getting really excited But I really don't need to go buying anymore products, I am out of bathroom space!

Well today I raked and scrunched in my mousse and I used less product but my curls came out really stringy I wonder if its the mousse or my hair? Well tomorrow is another day to try again.
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Maybe your hair doesn't require as much product as you're currently using?
I've found that using Curls Whipped Cream under my gel softens it a lot. HTH!
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Not using any product gets me soft curls, but I don't think thats the answer that your really looking for.
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I'm another one that's been heavy handed lately, it's either too much or not enough. So far the two ways I've gotten the softest hair is CK with AG Details Defining Cream on top, or Curls Milkshake w/ a little gel over it. I think the softest my hair has ever been is with the Milkshake, it would be too soft to use alone for me.
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The Curl Junkie cream stylers and Boots give me soft curls.
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Lush is right, I used CJ Coffee-Coco last night and my hair's soft today. I also like Boots very much.
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