Please help me with my curly problem!!!

So I take a shower at night and sleep with my hair wet. However, even if I let my hair air dry and don't sleep on it, my hair is a frizzy mess and I ALWAYS have to straighten it. I don't want to have to do this anymore! Are there any techniques that I could use to get rid of the frizz? for some reason it is always underneath and no product helps this. Any braids I can do or fishtails or home remedies (no sleep caps) Any other tips? PLEase please help me!!
I shower at night but could never sleep on it wet. I know many curlies here do, but it just doesn't work for me. I shower early enough that my hair is dry before bedtime. If I need to hurry it along, I'll diffuse some. I use lots of gel to get a good strong cast on the hair, then I pineapple it to sleep. Pineapple, satin pillowcase, and I'm good to go in the morning with a spritz of water or refresher. I may need a tad more gel or a few finger curls if my hair is being stubborn.
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Are there cones or sulphates in the products you use? That can be a major culprit also you need to use more moisture intense products to fight frizz.
I can't sleep with my hair wet. I'll wake up with my hair looking a frizzy mess. I'll diffuse my hair until my hair is about 70% dry and let the rest hair dry. But your hair might have build up.
For me, it depends on the season. I can sleep with my hair went when it's spring since the moisture levels seem to be just right, but after that my hair looks like a mess. I've decided to braid my hair in a soft braid and let the end free so in the morning, my hair's still intact save for 1/4 of the bottom of the braid.

When I do this, I wear it in a braid during the day or up in a different style when I'm short on time. If I have enough time, I rinse it with a little bit of conditioner and cold water and style.

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