I colored my hair with permanent color

Now what? I wanted to go back to my natural color how can I ensure the healthiness of my hair?
You colored with permanent and you like the color, correct?

Okay, coloring once is most likely a non issue. Deep treatments once or twice a week. You can alternate between a protein DT and a moisturizing one. Protein strengthens the hair but too much makes it feel dry and hard which is why its good to alternate with a moisturizing one.

Oils like olive oil, are great to use for DTs, but they will pull some of the color out of your hair, so you would need to be careful with that. Coconut oil has protein so you could run into the crispy, stringy protein issue.

I like Aphogee that you get at Sally's. Its a protein reconstructer. Aussie 3 min miracle is good too. Also, using a shampoo like Loreal Ever (whatever) is good to keep it from drying out.

I dont know what you use for products, but try to limit them. Try to just use maybe some aloe vera, or try a man's wax/cream/pomade type product instead of gel or mousse.

I color my hair a lot. I like to shampoo daily, and I don't use a lot of conditioner, yet my hair is pretty healthy and in shape.


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Thanks. I did a pre protein apogee treatment before coloring and after I did a DT. I use the Deva curls line. Maybe I'll cut the gel out for one time and just use my Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie

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