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Gretchen 11-30-2012 04:31 PM

Content staff wants to hear from you!
Happy Friday, Curlies! What is the biggest mistake your stylist has ever made cutting, curling or styling your hair?

frxncrls 11-30-2012 04:50 PM

I had my hair cut an inch shorter on one side by the same stylist twice! and she she cut wonky bangs. two times was enough chances for me....

mandy318 11-30-2012 06:13 PM

Almost every stylist I've gone to dries my hair while RUNNING THEIR FINGERS THROUGH IT! This is one of the top curly no-nos! It creates so much frizz that halfway through they start to act uncomfortable and say "how about we just blow this out"?

SpiralSpunk 11-30-2012 09:43 PM

Ex- stylist decided to give me SHORT disconnected layers. Kiss of death.

sdkitty 12-04-2012 07:23 PM


Originally Posted by SpiralSpunk (Post 2078693)
Ex- stylist decided to give me SHORT disconnected layers. Kiss of death.

I ended up with square head - wide on the sides and couldn't seem to get it fixed with that hairdresser

curlypearl 12-04-2012 07:32 PM

My stylist cut my hair extremely short in a punk type style. I was in my 50's and I am so not punk. Eeewww!

Plus it was a super straight style, glued in place with tons of hairspray which lasted about 5 minutes.

ss40 12-04-2012 07:38 PM

Not listening to my goals for my hair & trying to upsell.

These are my curlfessions

AllSpice 12-06-2012 11:11 AM

Razoring my curls and refusing to cut my hair dry (and curly). I hate when they insist on straightening my hair first!

oh.hi.its.steph 12-06-2012 11:33 AM

Putting a brush anywhere near my head!

Cristy_amk 12-09-2012 08:11 AM

To me it's when they don't listen. If I go to the doctor and say a certain medication doesn't work for me I wouldn't expect them to prescribe it to me. When I go to a stylist I respect that they went to school to learn how to cut hear, but I expect when I say things like "Don't thin out, cut too short, style straight, etc." that they are going to respect my requests and cut my hair accordingly. I'd also expect if they cannot cut my hair following these rules that they'd tell me up front so I can find someone who can.

ssa79 12-09-2012 10:35 PM


dianemary126 12-12-2012 03:04 PM

taking too much off and adding layers when i said please just give me a trim and i do not want layers. the frustration i can't even begin to explain.

jaclyn15 12-21-2012 12:19 PM

Firstly, I do not like when a stylist acts like she knows how to do curly hair, then proceeds to give me an awful haircut. Do not have this air of confidence, talk to me like you understand, then ruin my hair.

But the biggest problem I have is BAD LAYERS. So many stylists have given me layers that are too short, too chunky (the dreaded "shelf" layers), or ones that just don't blend or make the underneath look thin. I do not know how this keeps happening to me because I always try to be vigilant. Had another terrible cut in early December and I'll be growing this one out for awhile.

NaturallyCurly... help us! lol

KurleeEdna 12-28-2012 08:27 PM

Hi, Gretchen,

The worst mistake I've come across is when they claim to know your curls better then you do. (I've had this hair for nearly 50 years. I think I know what it does.)

I told my previous hair lady that my curls are tighter and thus shrink up more on top and front (4A) than at the nape (more 3C). So I asked her to cut more in the back.

She said, "No. Your hair is curlier in the back." So she didn't cut much in the back as I asked. The cut initially looked good... for a few weeks. Then the "curly mullet" was beginning to form.

Yeah... I don't think she'll get near my hair ever again! :protest:

l.deon 01-12-2013 12:52 AM

Definitely cutting too much off and telling me that she's the stylist, so she knows what's best for my hair!

NvmbrCurlss 01-12-2013 10:21 AM

I asked the stylist not to thin my hair. Well...she hid the shears, but proceeded to thin my hair with scissors, razor style. I had NO idea that this was what was going on, until I felt my thin hair and followed up on research that night. I will NEVER go back!!

NvmbrCurlss 01-12-2013 10:27 AM

I also always get asked about blow outs, when I show up with it curly! Straight hair is not the status quo folks!!! Rant, over.

sKorpio1190 01-17-2013 11:33 PM

cutting my hair wet and ending up making it way too short. i was left with layers that started about eye level -____- took forever to grow back out. and recently half my hair was dyed and bleach was used but no one told me how vital it was to treat that hair afterward so now i have half curly/wavy and half dried up damaged bleached hair.

Korkscrew 01-19-2013 03:33 AM

Well how much time do I have? Okay, I'll just share one story then lol: The stylist stretching each curl straight before cutting it. Ended up w/a strange, asymmetrical hair "shelf" on one side because of that.

Morgan_Adcock 02-01-2013 09:21 AM

Oh boy. Where to begin.

Pretending they know how to cut curly hair when they're clueless.

Not listening to the client because they think they know hair and that the client's lifetime of experience with her hair is invalid.

Agreeing to trim split ends from hair the client clearly states she is growing, which is below the shoulders, then cutting it into a cap style, and saying, "It's only hair. It will grow."

Thinking that a client's inability to see what they're doing when her glasses are off means they may disregard her instructions, and do anything they want to her hair.

Trying to book a next appointment for a client who is so distraught about how her hair was butchered that she's in tears.

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