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Default Getting your man to accept/embrace his curls

I posted this in the curl men forum but since I don't know how many of you go there, I figured I'd repost here:

Hey ladies, if you have a male significant other (husband, boyfriend, etc.) with curly hair and he has a hard time accepting. Pass this story along.

When I was 14, I went three months without cutting my hair and wound up with white man's 'fro with lots of curls. I got some compliments but mostly needling. There were a few male friends that said, "I looked like a girl." For the next 19 years, I went away from that look and went short and cropped, sometimes even buzzcut.

When I was 33, I started seeing male friends lose a lot of their hair so I got to thinking, "Well, maybe I should grow it out. I may not have it 20 years from now." I have thinned out some but then again I had a lot to lose. For the next seven years, I started going about 6-8 weeks between haircuts with curls really coming in after 3 1/2 weeks.

This past summer, I ended up going three months to really let the head of curls show. I even started using curl shapping spray from Garnier Fructis. Now I go every three months between haircuts and have my stylist leave it longer after cutting it.

I'm no product expert and every head of hair is different which is why I feel uncomfortable giving advice. Ladies, just remember, "getting your man to accept/embrace his curls is probably a bigger battle than finding the right products."

I'm just glad I finally came around to loving my curls in my early-to-mid-30s.

"Curls aren't just for girls."
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