Okay my hair's done! (PICS)

Really pretty

Do you have to straighten your bangs or can you get them to do that on their own? I want side swept bangs but I think I might be too lazy to make em look good :P
I love the color on you. It looks great like I thought it would.
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Absolutely amazing, can you imagine if we all tried to do our perfect colour/cut ourselves?

Kim should become a curly hairdresser on the side me thinks.... id pay!

As usual Kim you've surpassed yourself again, well done you look sooo gorgeous x
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Anothersunnyday: It's been very easy. I just comb them over to the side & squirt a little hairspray on it. Then I just diffuse them dry - kinda using my fingers to guide them to the side HTH!

Holy cow-that is stunning :P ! And agree with everyone about the bangs!!
Now I want bangs. How do you style/keep them like that?
Do you cut your own hair?????
It looks great! I did like the blonde, but I have always thought the darker colors look better on you and make your beautiful eyes pop! You did a great job!

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Just when I thought your hair couldn't look any better...WOW! You look amazing! I love that color on you and the highlights look gorgeous too. The cut and style of your hair are both awesome. When are you going to open your own salon?
Beautiful! Your bangs fall PERFECTLY! I can't believe you did that youself
Wow, your hair is awesome! So pretty!
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Love the darker color with toffee highlights!
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iwantcurlyhair: I WISH I could open my own salon - I don't have a license Heck I've never been to cosmetology school Believe me, someday I want to go! It was a nice compliment though!

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It looks gorgeous
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Your hair looks great! I assumed you had it done professionally You did a great job with the highlights.

It just goes to show that you can do just as good of a job at home, and you don't have to shell out the big bucks for a salon.
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Your hair looks AWESOME; I've always admired it but i love those bangs and the color!!!! I'm just wondering if you're still using the Jessicurl products ? I have some RR but it didn't really enhance my curl. Also, I see you comb your bangs to the side; do you comb your entire head of hair or just the bangs? I need to know every detail

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Best combo so far:
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Krispy: Yes I ONLY comb the bangs to the side & then use my micro-towel to scrunch back any area around there that got straightened out.

And YES I am still using Jessicurl's r.r. - LOVIN' it! I don't think I'll ever switch.

And YES I am still using Jessicurl's r.r. - LOVIN' it! I don't think I'll ever switch.
Originally Posted by juvjoy
Just beautiful all around! Do you apply the RR the way the Jessicurl videos indicate? Soaking wet hair, rake, comb or scrunch??? I've been using her products for a couple of months, and, still love them, but it seems my hair is responding a little differently (no major weather changes), so curious as to what others with success stories are doing.....
Kim, if I didn't love you so much, I'd hate you .
Your hair is freaking gorgeous as always.

I've been straightening all winter (my curls just sucked), but you've got me itching to try again.
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I really hate to be the only one not chiming in with praise this time but I already did that when you went blond, not that I think this doesn't suit you but I just don't understand why you went back to brown so soon. I feel whatever hair color we choose to have is part of our identity and reflects our personality,are you trying to decide which one is really "you"?
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