im a boy with curly hair and im looking for ideas for a new haircut and a new gel

So I'm a boy with curly hair I'm gonna go ahead and say its a mix of 3A and 3B,I haven't had a haircut in about 3-4 months now because everyone who cuts my hair always leaves it looking like they used a chainsaw to cut it -_-,and I've googled pictures of men with curly hair to take in with me when I go to get my hair done but I haven't found much,so does anyone have any pictures of guys with curls,or what should I ask for when I go in? Oh and I'm also looking for a new gel to use haha I feel like I'm asking for a lot :P
Hey there

While reading your post i had that (once) so hot guy from CSI in mind

But i think that he has got 4a hair so this probably won't work for you ...
Oh - forgot to write about the gel!!!

what about flaxseed gel? Have you ever tried? it's cheap, natural and perfect for my 3b/3c hair
Lots of curly guy pics in this thread: Our Fave Curly MEN/BABES
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