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Default Healthy way to remove semi permanent color

I have a semi perm black in my hair..It has washed out. In the sun, you can see that my hair is like a auburn color. I wanna remove the semi perm black color so that I can see more of the auburn color. Ive heard of Ions Color Corrector and Ive heard of Emergen-C method. Is there any other way that will not harm my hair?
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Maybe someone else knows of a way to do this, but from my limited experience, trying to lighten hair almost always comes with a consequence, worse depending on how much color you want lifted. Tends to damage the hair cuticle and make the hair more porous and dry. That said:

Some use lemon juice or honey (over time), for a subtle lift in color. Color Oops is used by some. The claim is that it's gentle, but I don't know too much about it. It does include citric acid, which could be harsh, but it's one of the last ingredients so I'm not sure.
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Wont the semi perm color just wash out in a few washes? I've just been looking at going from perm color to semi perm, and what I've read indicates it fades away on its own pretty quickly.
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I know your question isn't directed at me, but just want to say I'm not sure why I overlooked the obvious point you just made lol (semi washes out).

Just based on my own experience w/semi though: I used semi-perm. dye for years (recently exchanged it for henna/amla treatments), and that semi-perm. color built up in my hair after repeated applications and became permanent. Of course if this is one of the first applications for the OP, you're right ... why not just keep rinsing it until it washes out?

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