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Strictlylilbit 02-11-2013 12:31 PM

My hair doesn't dry
I wake up every morning about 5:30 and co wash my hair. A girl in my classes pointed out that my hair was still extremely wet on the inside at about 3:00 pm. I decided to check it before I went to sleep and that part was still soaking wet. Next morning it was still a little damp. I started checking it all week and everyday it was still wet the next morning. I have tight curls the majority just a little bigger than pen springs. That are maybe 7 inches stretched out but shrink and look two inches long.

Ericachristina 02-11-2013 05:03 PM

Have you ever tried using a diffuser on the sections that take a long time to dry? Some curlies use this method and it seems to work for them.

Houseofcurls 02-11-2013 05:52 PM

I'd seriously consider diffusing. How is your hair for 2nd day hair? could you wash the night before? I had that same problem and I started doing the spritz and con dish method. I dont know why, but when I do that, my hair dries way faster.

testimony777 02-12-2013 05:47 PM

That is way too long. I read a Q and A on this site a while ago with Ouidad about this very thing. She told the woman asking the question that hair may take longer to dry if the overall condition of the hair is dry. According to her answer, once the internal moisture of the strands are adaquate, drying time should decrease. I have to say at the time this sounded absolutely ridiculous to me but I have noticed that my drying time has dramatically decreased as my hair has gotten healthier. Before being CG my hair would take 8-10 hours to dry. Now my hair takes 2-4 hours to dry (4 if I am indoors during the entire drying time).

This is a link to the Q and A. If if doesn't work you can find it by searching "hair takes too long to dry" and looking in articles. HTH:)

Ouidad Q&A: How Can I Decrease the Drying Time for My Curly Hair?

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