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Default Ponytail poofing

All my life I've always wanted my curly hair flatter...the flatter the better! Due to the new Trend though Id like to try proofing it on days when I want to wear a quick pony tail or bun but have a cute poof to make it look a little dressier. However anytime I try proofing, I end up with a crazy frizzy mess or it disappears. I'm obviously doing something wrong. I've tried wet and dry but results always end up bad. Anyone have any pointers for a new poofer?
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Why do you want to poof it? That's like teasing your hair. Let it be because curly hair is usually thicker
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My ponytails are flat too. I get good volume by putting the lower half in a ponytail first, then adding the top in with a second elastic around the whole ponytail. Then I can leave the top looser and fuller without sacrificing the hold. Someone on here used that trick, I'm sorry that I can't remember who!
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Great idea, Lucy! I'm going to try that! I hate my flat ponytail!
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