Curly hair either fros up or is a stringy mess

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So, white male here, naturally curly hair. Figured the best place to come with this question would be here, where mostly women are, figured you gals would know most about the topic. So anyways, as of now its around 2 inches from my shoulders, as time goes on it has more hang on it, which i want, it will either frizz out, leaving a dry messy look, or it has a soft afro look. I have tight curls, when my hair is wet its like ringlets. I'd just really like to know how to go about this, i'm definitely wanting to grow it out, but not if its only gonna grow OUT like a afro. And its extremely thick, so i want a more like soft, wavy look that is easier to control, then a thick curly afro. I've thought about going to a salon and getting it thinned also. Any help would be much appreciated.
Do you put anything in your hair at the moment?

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Not to disenchant you or anything, but I would like to mention that you're unlikely to go from "tight ringlets" (as you have described) to waves, unless you're talking about the crimpy s ones (don't have a better description of them).

As far as actual advice, you're going to have to give a little more detail on what you've been doing.... and if you can manage it, some of your curl properties (not the pattern (e.g. 3B) but things like porosity, density, and strand width).

There is no magical cure that works for everyone.

Good luck on your journey, of course!
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I think you should love the fro, but.. I know that's not what you wanna hear.

It's all about product. A good product will make your hair clump and look like it does when it's wet. Now when it comes to products, these "gals" are pros.

My suggestion is wet hair and gel.


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Choosing ingredients/products is all about hair properties. Here's a link to help you with yours Live Curly Live Free - Home Once you determine your properties, you can look for others with hair like yours and see what they use (in signatures.) Being male, you need to be aware of some of the product scents.

After that, it's learning the proper techniques for handling your hair. Have you read the Curly Girl book?? The newer one has a DVD that makes it worth the price. It shows you how to handle your hair. I could never use the copious amount of product they use, but the technique is good. The e-book on the livecurlylive free website has all of the information in one place. It would make great reading for you, too.
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Just my two cents on getting your hair "thinned" -- don't do it! At least, don't let anyone do a razor cut or use thinning shears. My stylist did that on my last haircut (when I was still wearing my hair straight), and now that I'm wearing my hair curly it's really destroying my curl formation. It is adding more frizz and volume than is necessary (or desired!). My hair is just above shoulder length right now, and I can't wait for it to grow out a little longer so I can cut away the "thinned" parts.

Now, if you want to get strategic layers to remove some of the bulk or give your hair some shape, that's a different story. Just avoid razors and thinning shears at all costs!
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