Plopping: I'm doin' it wrong?

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Hi everyone,

I tried plopping for the first time last night, hoping to wake up to a head full of nice curls. I don't have a microfiber cloth or a T-shirt big enough, so I used a cotton pillowcase.

I tied the pillowcase around my head using exactly the same method described in the Jessicurl how-to video ( - perhaps a tad looser, since the pillowcase was not easy to handle.

That was at midnight last night. This morning at 7am I woke up to soggy, deformed curls. My hopes for 3rd-day curls were shattered - I had to re-style.

Any idea what I may have done wrong? I understood plopping was suitable for overnight drying?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Plopping suitable for overnight drying? Well I have personally never heard of that.

Most of us CAN'T plop longer than 15-20 minutes. If I plop any longer than that my hair is exactly like you described - soggy and deformed. They'll be limp and take longer to dry. I don't know the exact cause but it seems to be because the cloth gets saturated with water. I have found that re-plopping with a DIFFERENT, dry cloth after 15 minutes works perfect. If I'd keep on refreshing the cloth every 15 minutes I could theoretically plop forever.

You could dry overnight with nothing on your head, just lie your hair down on your pillow some of us do that.

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I have had good luck plopping overnight' ! I use soft old t shirts that are a little small for me. The first time I go for about 15 minutes then I change to another one to sleep in. The first one gets soaked pretty fast. In the morning my hair Is still a little damp and the curls do look strange but I spray with water and let them fall naturally after that. I also have fairly short bangs that I am trying to grow out so I put in some foam rollers so they match the rest of my hair. If a do a wash n go my hair will be wet until mid afternoon and it is too cold here for that nonsense plus I have NO patience to diffuse.
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Here are the pics of my overnight plop earlier this week, Ignore the dumb look on my face
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I have had success with overnight plops, as well. Typically I just plop for a little while (anywhere from 15 mins to an hour or two, depending on the demands of the day), then style. But I will do overnights on days when I have to get up really early and know 2nd day hair (even and updo) isn't going to be an option.

A couple things about plopping:

Hair length makes a difference. The shorter your hair, the less effective plopping will be. And even with plopping success - it will probably need/like less time in the plop the shorter your hair is.

Overnight plopping for me - I use LI, seal, and a light-ish gel. In the morning I take the plop down, usually spritz with water where it is "too dry", scrunch lightly with a flour sack or MF towel (sometimes even the one I plopped with), and then I'll either diffuse or air dry from there.

Straight out if the plop it looks a little... Odd sometimes. So I have to go through those quick steps, and it fixes any issues.

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I have not tried plopping overnight because I feel like having anything on my head PLUS the weight of wet hair would be so uncomfortable to sleep with. I toss and turn alot so I'm sure I would end up pulling the tshirt off my head at some point and totally ruin the curls. Not to mention, end up having to sleep on a wet pillow!
I wash my hair every morning then plop for about 15-20 while I get dressed and do my make up then I diffuse until its about 90% dry. I use a rectangular microfiber towel I got at Marshalls or one of my husbands big tshirts.
I believe waterlily716 has a great video on youtube on how she plops her hair!
Plopping does not work at all for me. I have 3a curls that tend to be S curls, plopping only flattens them further and gives me really weird shapes.....I can't even imagine what sleeping in a plop would do!

Funny how different things work (or don't!) for each of us.
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I'm with ZigaZaga. I have very fine hair that will go basically whichever way it is told, so plopping gives me a crazy half-flat/half-backwards mess. I'm going to try again if I ever have much longer hair.
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Because my hair is medium, verging towards fine, texture, I can't plop for more than 10-15 minutes. If I go for any more than that, my curls get all wonky and deformed. If I plopped overnight, I feel fairly certain that my curls would look awful and stick out in weird, wonky ways.

I do a short 5 minute plop after applying my leave-in. Then I apply my styling jelly and, using a dry cloth, do a second 10-15 minute plop. This seems to work well for me.
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