K Pak Intense Hydrator and amodimethicone. Ok?

I tried Joico K Pak Intense Hydrator and my hair absolutely loved it! Best it has been in a long time! Then I noticed it has the dreaded amodimethicone!

Is this OK--I have read many threads on this and I am still not sure. I do low-poo once a week. Any experience with this cone and build up anyone? I was planning to use it once a week. Thanks!
I was just doing a search on amodimethicones and saw your post.
I was under the belief that this a-cone was water soluble, and had happily resumed using Sebastian Potion 9 (contains this a-cone). Then I found a bunch of posts saying that it is not water soluble.
I normally shy away from silicones (based on experience with greasy anti frizz serums) but have found that my hair really likes this product.
I haven't noticed build up with this silicone, but rather with other products (including weighing down my hair, making it feel coated), but I have read that it can cause dryness if used a lot (not sure what constitutes a lot...)
So I'm on the fence!
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Me too! But I do like the product. It's so hard for me to isolate one Ingredient and say if I like or if it causes a problem! Too many other ingredients and things like the weather making it too confusing to figure it out!
According to the Curl Chemist once it's deposited onto the hair, a-cone repels further a-cone deposits, so it shouldn't build up like other non-water soluble silicones do. Amodimethicone and other Amine-functionalized Silicones

Chris, if your hair is liking it and you're low pooing once a week, you may be ok to continue using it. I'd just watch your hair to make sure it continues to respond well. Sudden dryness /frizz may be a sign you need to back off of the Joico for a bit.
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Been using it everyday for a week as my conditioner and my hair loves it
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That's a good plan because I do love the shine. I so hope it will not become a problem. Thanks for the great link too!
Skorpio I am hoping I have your luck with it!
That's a good plan because I do love the shine. I so hope it will not become a problem. Thanks for the great link too!
Skorpio I am hoping I have your luck with it!
Originally Posted by Chris1965
Me too. Good luck
Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity

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