Curly or Straight and natural hair color or dye?

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So I went to a Devachan Salon and they gave me such a hard time about wanting to style my hair straight sometimes. When I went home, I could see that the ends weren’t even at all and I went back to ask for a touch up and the co-owner Lorraine Massey was so ridiculously rude to me...basically saying I wasn’t being true to myself, she doesn’t even know me ?!

Lorraine has pictures of herself in her book and her original hair color looks like a reddish brown. For someone who talks all the time about being ‘natural’, it looks like she has been chemically dying her hair for over 10 years.

Putting artificial chemicals in your hair is NO DIFFERENT than occasionally drying (oh I’m sorry, blow frying) your hair straight!!

How is chemically frying your hair any less natural?! Lorraine seems to be a complete hypocrite, her hair is only 50% natural, she may have nice curls, but she doesn’t seem to be happy enough with what god gave her to keep true to her original hair.

Your hair color is just as natural and just as much a part of you as the texture. If you can't accept what god gave you and are going to change your god given natural hair color for ten years, don’t tell me that I shouldn’t be styling my hair straight. Rude hypocrite

Us true brown haired girls are happy with who we are and are respectful to others, shamefully she couldn't be
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Yuck. I completely agree with you about hair color and texture. She's a hypocrite. If she were truly 100% satisfied with herself she wouldn't bother to do things like wear makeup and dye her hair. In fact, you could go even further. If she truly was 100% satisfied with her natural hair texture she wouldn't bother to use product! So I don't know where she gets off criticizing you for wanting to wear your hair differently sometimes. It's not like you're outright denying the fact that you have curly hair. You went to a curly salon, for Pete's sake! And this is why I don't want a deva cut. I want my hair to be perfectly even, so I can reserve the right to blow it out one day if I feel like a change. Yes, I'm going to wear it curly 99% of the time, but still, I like to mix things up. Anyways, please do go on yelp and leave a review to inform the masses. The more I learn about Lorraine Massey the less I like her. Did you know reportedly she totally trashed the woman who runs "Live Curly Live Free" too?
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If you live near CT there's a great salon in new haven called jo Bruno's....ask for Lucy and tell her that you were your hair straight sometimes and you want it to look good straight...they actually listen to you there
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It's not natural or true to oneself to cut hair either. Or use contraception. Or to shower daily in hot water. Or to have a flushing toilet. Or to use deodorant. Or wear factory made clothing.

Devachan staff parties must be fun: all those barefoot and pregnant women with tangled hair past their butts with their naked BO-blessed partners living in mud huts with long drop toilets.
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she's rude. I's stop going to her. Its people like that, that get jelous of people's hair so they cut it wrong or too short for spite
This makes me sad because this isn't the first time I have heard about Lorraine being rude to others. Funny now she's inspired so many girl to be natural yet she decides to treat them like this and it's messed up!
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What did she say about Tiffany? I've read her book and Live Curly Live Free website is an amazing resource, I think far more informative than any of the fluff Ms Massey puts out, she just rehashes the same things like a broken record
I also have the e-book and I love that site. Yes, the book is very non-fluffy and to the point. Much more informative than the Curly Girl Handbook, although I still credit that book for getting me to give my curly hair a chance in the first place. So happy I ever stumbled upon it at Barnes and Noble. Okay, well I read about the dispute in a old thread that I stumbled upon when I was searching for something about Tiffany. But basically Ms. Massey went on twitter and said a whole bunch of vicious things about Tiffany via tweet. Some sort of angry rant. I'm not sure what she said exactly as I don't really use twitter, (although my friends love it for whatever reason), and wouldn't know how to search.
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Condish: TJ 'sTea Tree Tingle*, SM Moisture Retention* + Curl & Shine + Yucca Baobab, Yes to Blueberries
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Wow, insane, Ms Massey writes and acts like a jealous small minded 12 year old. While this happened 5 years ago, I unfortunately know multiple other instances where Lorraine has continued to act truly ugly.
Ms Massey may be excellent with hair, but liberating curly girls was really always was and still is just about her. She was talking about her own journey which has resonated with thousands of us. BUT…..there are MANY MANY excellent products and DevaCurl doesn’t work for everyone but that is all Ms Massey does is pushes DevaCurl. Ms. Massey is not about what is best for everyone, she has always been about only what is best for her.
I enjoy this website best becuase it gives me info on lots of fabulous options that I never found on her Facebook as all Lorraine talks about is home made or DevaCurl which I already know doesn't work for my hair. Curly Girl site is sadly often an ad for DevaCurl now.
FYI: The posts Lorraine Massey made on Twitter combatively attacking Tiffany from Live Curly, Live Free after a simple misunderstanding. Rather than clarify like an adult, looks like Ms. Massey took to a childish public method of attacking a lovely lady.
Shows the NATURAL mean ugly spirit of Lorraine Massey.
struttswife???? what does that MEAN?
I need some Twitter advice!when u find out some1 who Strutts there stuff & says 'Knot Tru' things about u! Do u ask them to comeFront U?
STRUTT over the DEVA booth in Orlando Premier Hair show & I will give U something to Curlabout"
& thank u 4 outing the imposter Curly Girll! there's enuf room on this green earth 4 more Curlactivists !tm
would you want the 'plain' truth or the "fabulous" truth?

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