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Indoor heating and the cold weather is making my hair so dry. I do deep treatments with Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment, co-wash with suave coconut conditioner, and put jojoba oil on my hair at night but my hair becomes dry after a few hours. I don't use any products with drying alcohols or proteins (my hair hates protein). I've been using Naani's Naturals Curly Custard Hairdress for a month now and its given me good curl definition but provides no moisture for my hair. I was thinking about buying Oyin handmade 4-piece sampler and MyhoneyChild HoneyNutt Conditioner. Has anybody tried these products? Do you guys have suggestions for other (moisturizing, protein-free, CG )products?
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I use My Honey Child HoneyNutt Condish and it is very moisturizing!
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I really like Activate HC and the DT, both are very moisturizing, maybe you could try adding honey to your routine. You could try doing more that one DT a week.
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I agree--all of the MHC conditioners were very nice and moisturizing. Too Shea is my moisture fix right now-my hair just drinks it in, so I do need to use lots, but I will probably use MHC again (and have been eyeing Oyin stuff as well!)
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I've had good luck with Steiner's SOS Repair & Relief Deep Conditioner when used once a week. My hair hates even tiny amounts of proteins.

It is protein free. It has fatty alcohols.

It does contain isopropyl myristate as a conditioning agent. Some people find this to be drying (thanks to jaemaria for her old post on that). I've not seen this ingredient mentioned much other than that though, so I'm not sure how many react to the myristate.

I stopped using their regular conditioner as often because that ingredient was drying for my hair - and I mean a dry that is worse than protein dryness. I broke my comb!

But, the DT I can handle since I use it once a week. It's the only thing getting me through this winter with decent curls.

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