Curly Perms on Natural Hair

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Hi! I am new to the forum, but I have a question about curly perms on natural hair.

A curly perm (as I am trying to understand) is the type of perm that is set with rods normally using the chemical ammonium thioglycolate to break down the bonds in the hair and then neutralized to re-form the bonds by using perm rods. I have short, type-4 kinky-coily hair (about 4.5 inches stretched all around) that mostly springs when pulled, but I would like to know if there is possible long-term success for people with kinky-coily or thick and tightly curled hair in getting a curly permanent?

I am interested in this hairstyle just out of sheer interest to learn more about it because I really like its appearance. Through browsing several topics in different forums I am aware that this type of hairstyle does require care in maintenance because it can damage one's hair if not properly moisturized and maintained. I have read about breakage, shedding, dryness, and oiliness in relation to this type of perm. I have also read about over-processing involving the re-touching aspect of this hairstyle and difficulty with protective styling. In addition to this information, I have also read that there were cases in which the chemical processing was shortened to reduce the possible amount of damage done to the hair such as by skipping a step that includes straightening the hair before rodding and instead applying the perm in liquid form (thioglycolate) while the rods are set. Product brands that are associated with this type of permanent are Matrix, Quantum, Tressa, and a number of others. I recently visited a hair salon and the product that was suggested to me for a curly perm was the Matrix Lighting Opti-Thermic Self-Heating Exothermic Wave.

Lol, I do not intend information overload, but I am very curious about the possible long-term success of this hairstyle on thick, tightly curled hair. I would really appreciate any advice and information that anyone may have. =)
All I can say is I have 2b hair at best (and didn't really realize how wavy it was naturally) and when I used to get perms they had to use the biggest rods and the processing time had I be as little as 3 minutes or I was so curly I couldn't do anything and one time it actually fried it. I may have no business commenting but I'd think the curlier your hair the trickier it would be.
Thanks @chupie! Wow, I'm sorry to hear that happened, and you may be right. I believe that it is probably a complex process especially with maintenance and care. I'm not very sure about going through with this process as I have heard people having difficulty with maintenance.
Not only that but the salon people just wouldn't believe me when I'd say LARGEST rods and be sure to check at three minutes. They'd sigh (like oh another wannabe hairdresser). Them they'd express shock when they checked at 3 see the formation I got. If you have a person you REALLY trust I'd talk A LOT about it with them first before deciding to do it.
@chupie I definitely will; I believe that is the best option for information on getting a curly perm. Thanks! =)
I think if you wanted to relax your curl that you would use some type of relaxer. I cannot see how a curly perm would work.

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I would not recommend it. I am no professional, but I once had a perm done on my 3b ish hair and it was not pretty! I may be dating myself, but google Rosanne Rosannadana and that was pretty much my hair!

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I just don't think curly perms are attractive. I think most of us with 3c or even 3b hair are deathly afraid of looking like a poodle...and curly perms almost always remind me of the hair I'm trying not to have.

Curly perms and texturizers never quite have the health and uniformity of a natural curl.
It's funny because I have 2B hair but have been asked on a few occasions if my hair is permed or natural. In one breathe I think, "Guys getting perms is so 1984" but on the other hand I guess it's a compliment. I couldn't bring myself to doing it. Roller set, maybe (even that's a reach), but not a perm with chemicals.
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I have to admit one time I got a perm that was awesome. But I think that is far and between. I've also had perms that destroyed my hair. (Before I realized I had wave.)
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I have to admit one time I got a perm that was awesome. But I think that is far and between. I've also had perms that destroyed my hair. (Before I realized I had wave.)
Originally Posted by chupie
The chemicals they put in your hair would concern me more than the rollers themselves. When I was 14, just for fun, my older sister put her hot curlers in my hair as a one time roller set and it didn't bad at all but that said, perm wouldn't have any upside.
2B always with potential of white man's fro

"Curls aren't just for girls"

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