New to CG Method-new guidance!

Hey everyone! I am new to all of this. Going on week 4. I am a 3b/c with high density, high personify and coarse. I started by getting rid of poo completely. Thought if I'm gonna do it I am all in. I was just finishing out the rest of the conditioner that I had(Herbal Essance-color me happy). I then found L'oreal's EverCurl line and started using the Cleansing Conditioner to co-wash and was using the H.E. on the length. I noticed a build up so I though I'd try Ouidad and got the Balancing Rinse and Tress Effects gel. I am not using any kind of leave in or oils. Not sure If I need to be or what. There have been a few days of good curls in my underneath layers but mostly my hair seems limp. I co-wash twice a week and noticed that the Ouidad products I chose have proteins in them. Back when I was using Redken products I would use Anti-snap and noticed my hair would feel dry and brittle. I m wondering if my hair is sensitive to protein?? I am trying to grow out a hair cut where it was thinned A LOT for a specific look while straight. This was "the only way to get the look that I think would look great for your face shape and texture of hair" was what was said to me. I didn't know as much about my hair then as I do now. I know this seems long and all over the place but I am not sure of what products I should be using or what to do. Is it just cause my hair is getting use to the change? Am I not using the right products? Should I go and cut my hair and start fresh? Help! Thanks for sticking with this long post. I really want to learn to love my curls and learn what I need for my hair. All of the different choices makes this very overwhelming. Thanks again!
Welcome! You've come to the right place.

My best guess is silicone buildup. The Herbal Essences conditioner you were using has silicones in it, and most of the L'Oreal evercurl (and evercreme, everpure, everstrong, everwhateverelseisthere) line contains silicones as well. A lot of Ouidad products contain silicones too. You'll need to clarify with a low-poo containing coco-betaine, or a silicone free sulfate shampoo (VO5 or Suave Naturals work well). Then switch to silicone free conditioners and styling products if you want to be full-on CG. Hopefully this helps! Good luck.
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Actually, besides the HE conditioner, the products you listed are silicone free. I don't remember if the EverCurl cleansing conditioner has coco betaine or not, so you would have to check, but if it does, that would take care of any silicone issues. If your hair texture is coarse, then any dry or brittle feeling certainly could be protein related. I chose the two Ouidad products you mentioned specifically because they have protein (my hair craves lots of protein). As far as limp hair, it could be related to cut, technique, weather, or product choice. Are you leaving in conditioner? If so, you might need to play around with how much you leave in vs how much you rinse out. Good or bad, there's definitely still trial and error involved in finding the right products.

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Thank you so much for all of the advice! I wonder if I can do a banking soda wash(which I haven't done yet) to clarify? I have highlights and from what I have read, you need to do an ACV rinse after the baking soda. I have also read that this will strip color. What low-poo shampoo would you recommend? I have looked at Curl Junkie, Deva, Ouidad and many others but since I don't know what all the ingredients are (proteins, silicones, humectants, etc) it's very confusing. Thanks again for all of your help!
I would be VERY careful using baking soda as it can be damaging to skin and hair. Apple cider vinegar can be just as damaging to hair. If you're not careful, an apple cider vinegar rinse can dry out your hair & make it shed. As an alternative to all that, you can get a clarifying shampoo. Make sure the bottle says 'clarifying' on it. A regular shampoo won't do. A regular shampoo & a clarifying shampoo are chemically different. Deep condition after you clarify & continue your routine as usual.
I am very leary of the BS and ACV rinse so I don't think I'll use it. Thanks for the info!

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