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Default Maximum length for a shorty

How long is too long for a short curly girl? Right now my hair is past my shoulders when styled, but I may want to grow it longer, like to the middle of my back or so.

My issue is that I'm short (5'2'') and I don't wanna look like a little kid with long hair :P. I'm 19 but most people think I'm younger than that - would a longer hairstyle make that worse?

So, in your opinion, how long is too long for a shorty?

Curl Pattern: 3A
Porosity: ?
Density: medium (used to be high)
Width: medium (used to be high)
Length: medium

Medical conditions: Androgenic alopecia (PCOS)

As I Am CoWash and As I Am leave-in conditioner daily/every other day. Deep conditioning with coconut oil occasionally. Wide-toothed comb. Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 to style.

10,000 mg of biotin/ day. Multi-vitamin. 100 mg/day spironolactone. 2,000 mg/day metformin. Yasmin for hormone therapy. Rogaine for men.
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Depends how you style your curls, there are two long haired curlies on YouTube - Curlywavydiane and Waterlily716 - you might check out. Also look at the Curly Girl Facebook page, they have lots of before and afters you can see if they look childish. If you grow it and don't like it you can always cut your hair back again, it's not an irreversible decision.
2a-2c, medium texture, porous/ colour treated. Three years CG, growing out mechanical and chemical damage = breakage and very high porosity. Past armpit length heading for waist.

CO-wash: Inecto coconut
Treatments: Komaza Matani, coconut oil, Hairveda Sitrinillah
Leave in: Fructis Sleek & Shine (old), Gliss ultimate volume, Inecto argan
Styler: Umberto Giannini jelly, Boots Essentials gel
Experimenting with: going back to basics
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I'm 5"2 as well but I look actually younger with my hair shorter...
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I'm short and small as well, and my hair is between bsl and mid back length depending on how I style it. Very few people have thought I was much younger than I am.
2c/3a, dense, fairly coarse, normal porosity and elasticity, bsl
Low poo: Giovanni 50 50
RO: AOHR, Desert Essence coconut
LI: Giovanni Direct, Desert Essence curl cream
Stylers: kccc, HE smu
Sealers: argan oil or evoo
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I am not super short but I have never gotten age comments about my hair.. it is actually MBL but the curls make it look more BSL+. I want to either get mine a couple of inches longer so I can cut it and donate it, or just keep growing it with an ultimate goal of classic length.

My hair is currently longer than it has ever been in my life, and while I'm not personally thrilled with the way the length weighs down my curls, that isn't enough reason to cut it off, and thinking long hair makes me look younger certainly won't either. I sort of just want to see how long it will get. I have a feeling that as a redhead my terminal length won't let me achieve classic length, but waist (with curls, which really makes it more like hip length+ stretched) is probably possible if I give it enough time.
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I don't see why people would think you are younger when you have longer hair. Isn't it typical for young woman of your age to have long hair? A lot of girls in the age between 16 and 28 have (very) long hair. If you defenitely want to look a little older you could change the way you dress or wear some make-up?
highlighted 3a hair. Fine strands, medium to high density. Probably high porosity. Growing uit bad layering and aiming for waist lenght!

Pre-poo: coconut oil
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RO + LI: different every time
Styler: CJ Pattern Pusha, CJ CIAB

dislikes: glycerin in low dews, scissor happy stylists, magnesium sulfate

(modified) CG since june 25, 2012
Hiarfinity + extra MSM since March 5., 2014

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height, length, short
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