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Question How do you temporarily retexturize?

I'd like to hear ways in which the Naturally Curly community changes up their curl pattern/texture temporarily. I gave up my flatiron several months ago after frequent use for years, and am looking to experiment with healthier ways I can use to occasionally change up my hair and loosen my curls! I'm a 3a/b and a lot of things I've tried (i.e. wet wrapping and blow drying w/ straightening product) take the definition out of my curl, but I end up looking like I stuck my finger in a socket. What have you tried that has worked? Curlers, products, certain techniques? Thanks!
3a w/ 3b underlayers
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Recovering from TE
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(Product use varies according to weather, time constraints, and desired look )
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I think on the Deva site if you go to the clipping tutorials they show one where they attach the clips to the bottom of the curls... basically to give them weight and stretch them out. I haven't tried this but maybe it's worth looking into?

Otherwise maybe braiding while wet or damp?
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I think had a post about this a looong time ago... I did some rag curls on my 3A hair and I actually loved the results. I smoothed each section with a little water and conditioner before wrapping in the rag. Left it wrapped overnight. I considered getting curlformers, those have great reviews but I can't justify the expense. Also, if I bun my damp hair on top of my head, it will dry mostly wavy and voluminous but it is a hit or miss. Plus, it takes a few days to dry. But you know, if I do want straight hair I just go at it with a round brush and the blow dryer. I use the flat iron on stubborn bits. I just make it up to my hair by giving it a little extra TLC afterwards
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Occasionally I'll do pin curls. They're versatile depending on how you set them, cut down on my frizz, and can be gently separated into waves the next day if you want another change.
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retexturizing, straightening, type 3
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