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Default Can someone give me the low down on Ouidad products and cut?

I have hair that is so long now that it's between wavy and curly. When I try to dry it with a dryer...it frizzes big time. Would an Ouidad cut solve my problem...or perhaps her products? What's the general consensious of Ouidad here? Thanks!
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I had been using Ouidad products for about 5 months with great results and then all of a sudden they quit working for me. I was so disappointed as I thought I had finally found the perfect products. I've never had an Ouidad cut so I don't have any advice about on the cut. Sorry.
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If I had an Ouidad salon near me, I would probably try it, but I don't which is probably good since I'm way too into my hair right now.

I have a devacut, which really has helped my hair to curl more. Before my devacut I didn't know that I could get ringlet curls and now I can and I even have curls in places I never knew existed!

For me, it was worth the money ($75 for cut), which was about the same that I would spend just getting my haircut by someone who doesn't specialize in curly hair anyway.
3B with some 3a. Fell off but am now back on the CG bandwagon and looking for my HG products.
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I have been using Ouidad products for 5 years. I have just started using some other products just for a change. Her products contain proteins and if your hair is in good condition it could cause frizz. I color my hair so it works well on my hair. I use Jessie products also. The Climate control gel is a staple for me. I have tried not using it and I get frizz. I had my haircut by them in Ft Lauderdale for 2 years. The technique is a thinning and cutting into the curl. It really made a difference on my hair but she insisted on it being all one length and I need layers and some height at my crown, so I am now going to a stylist in Tampa. If your hair is thin it is probably not the cut for you. She has trial kits which you can get just to see if you like the products before you put out the cash. Many feel she is expensive. I have gotten some products off of Ebay with good results and a lot cheaper. Hope that helps you.
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Thanks so much! I may go online and get a sample pack just to try. I heard someone say her products are good for unruly curls...so that's me lol.
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Ouidad products seem to work well for my 2b/3a hair, though my routines with her products vary. I've never had a Ouidad cut, so I can't give you advice there.
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I've been using Ouidad Volumizing poo and condish for the past year or so, one of the things I don't like about the products are the SLS in the poo and the cones in the co. The Botanical Boost is good for the summer if you're at the pool or beach, the DT is lightweight, I didn't notice a difference after using it several times, tho I may not have used enough. I would love the chance to visit one of her salons and get a cut there, if you got the oppt., go for it!
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